Viction April’s Highlight

Viction April’s Highlight

April has been a landmark month for Viction, marked by significant advancements and strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing the blockchain ecosystem. The launch of the Viction World Wide Chain (VWWC) set a new benchmark for scalability and interoperability, while multiple strategic collaborations and integrations have enriched our offerings, particularly in GameFi and cross-chain transactions. 

These efforts have been complemented by dynamic community engagement activities that have fostered deeper connections and understanding among users. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Viction World Wide Chain (VWWC) was introduced to enhance scalability and interoperability across the blockchain network.
  2. Collaborations with Cyborg, Hyperlane, Eternals, SendTokens, Loya3, Krystal, and Midle were established. OneID collaborates with VicScan to enhance security and streamline user experiences
  3. Multiple community calls were held to enhance dialogue and connectivity.
  4. The Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program welcomed 30 new members and enhanced community interaction with the first ambassador-led offline event in Thailand.
  5. Participation in TOKEN2049 in Dubai and Southeast Asia Blockchain Week engaged global blockchain leaders.
  6. Interactive online campaigns were conducted, boosting community participation and engagement.
  7. April revealed more exclusive airdrop opportunities:
  • "Amphora: Viction Edition" NFT holders enjoyed whitelist perks and special PFPs.
  • Starship and OneID holders received additional airdrops, enhancing their collections.
  • Zencard early adopters received the exclusive Zen Master PFP.
  • And more to come!
  1. Technical developments included Vicscan maintenance and a Viction halving event to enhance network performance.
  2. Through NFT initiatives, we welcome one of the first PFP collections Contrarians and special edition NFTs.
  3. The VICIssuer online Workshop on Youtube educated developers on launching tokens and utilizing zero-gas transactions within Viction.

Viction World Wide Chain (VWWC) Introduction

April marked the launch of the Viction World Wide Chain (VWWC), a transformative initiative designed to address the fragmentation and inefficiencies in the current blockchain landscape. By proposing a network of interconnected appchains, VWWC enhances scalability, and interoperability, and creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem for both infrastructure providers and application developers. This initiative aims to foster seamless communication and value sharing across chains, driving collective success. Explore Viction World Wide Chain.

Welcome the first games launcher: Cyborg

Viction is thrilled to announce its strategic collaboration with Cyborg, the first gaming platform within the Viction ecosystem. This partnership focuses on supporting game builders in leveraging Web3 capabilities through Cyborg's platform and Viction's resources, bridging Web2 and Web3 with user-friendly features, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and growing the GameFi ecosystem. Details of the Cyborg Collaboration.

Hyperlane Integration for Cross-Chain Transactions

Viction’s integration with Hyperlane introduces a new era of permissionless interoperability, enabling easy onboarding of new chains and projects through secure and customizable bridging solutions. This integration is set to increase liquidity and token availability, simplifying cross-chain interactions and enhancing accessibility across the blockchain ecosystem. Learn more about Hyperlane’s impact.

More notable new integrations

  • Eternals: An engaging new platform where users can explore alongside mythical creatures. 
  • SendTokens: A seamless integration allowing effortless $VIC transactions with enhanced security features.
  • Loya3: Assists businesses in building and managing customer loyalty programs, fully integrated with Viction's Web3 technology to enhance e-commerce experiences.
  • Krystal: Automates liquidity management to make liquidity provisioning accessible and profitable for all users on Viction.
  • Midle: This integration brings a task-to-earn platform, enhancing user engagement and retention across Web2 and Web3. 
  • OneID collaborates with VIC Scan: to enhance security and streamline user experiences in the decentralized ecosystem.

Community Calls

April was rich in community interactions, marked by several key events that enhanced dialogue and connectivity among Viction supporters:

  • Viction’s April 2024 - The World Wide Call: This month's special community call focused on introducing the Viction World Wide Chain, featuring insights from Viction Foundation’s council member & Ninety Eight’s Founder - Thanh Le, Head of CM at Ninety Eigh & Builder at Viction - Marcus Le, and Council Member of FrontierDAO - Hera Doan. The session provided a deep dive into the limitless scalability and interconnected appchains, with a record-breaking attendance of over 12,000 participants tuning in. Revisit the insights shared.
  • First Call for Scholars: An informative session dedicated to helping participants understand the Viction ecosystem, with a focus on the Viction Learn & Earn program and onboarding processes. This was an excellent opportunity for new members to gain insights and integrate into the community. 
  • Viction 2.0 Chat Party: A casual and interactive session where community members, including Vanguard @fredlex_, @Ember9hh, @ChristianDior31, and @Savvy_0001, gathered to discuss upcoming features, sift through rumors, and share a laugh. This event played a key role in building anticipation and understanding of the new Viction 2.0 features. Dive into the Chat Party.

Viction Vanguard Highlights

April was a pivotal month for the Viction Vanguard, welcoming 30 new members from over a thousand applicants. This force plays a crucial role in promoting Viction and enhancing community engagement.

Key events and accolades for the Vanguard included:

  • First Ambassador-Hosted Offline Event in Thailand: Spearheaded by Nat Chittamai, this gathering fostered community interaction and knowledge exchange. 

Notable recognitions in April featured:

  • Best Performer: @fredlex_ ($800 in VIC), @Savvy_0001, @alphabatcher, @ChristianDior31 ($600 in VIC each)
  • Best Debut: @HarryBee_Yhu, recognized for impactful contributions.
  • Best Tweet: @alphabatcher, for a particularly engaging tweet. View tweet.
  • Best Infographic: @Ember9hh, known for a creatively detailed infographic. View infographic.
  • Best Meme: @Savvy_0001, for a meme that entertained the community. See the meme.
  • Best Video: @cryptomorn and @crlazeeee, for their outstanding video contributions. Watch a video.
  • Best Podcast: @svdmeow, for a deep-dive podcast into blockchain and Viction. Listen to the podcast.
  • Best Proposal: @fredlex_, for organizing an engaging Viction Vanguard Chat Party.

Major Offline Blockchain Events

In April, Viction made significant appearances at two major blockchain events:

  • TOKEN2049 in Dubai: Viction participated in networking sessions, engaging with industry leaders and talented individuals from around the globe.
  • Southeast Asia Blockchain Week: Featured a panel discussion joined by Daphne Dang, Project Lead at Viction, focusing on "Key Success Factors in Web3: Managing and Building Community in Southeast Asia". This event offered deep dives into strategies for community management and growth within the blockchain sector.

Dynamic Online Campaigns

Viction launched engaging online campaigns that leveraged social media and digital platforms to enhance user interaction and promote its ecosystem:

  • Top 50 Leaderboard in the Viction Learn & Earn 3rd Sprint: celebrated the achievements of the top participants, fostering a competitive and learning-focused environment. View the leaderboard.
  • Micro3 CyberPunk - Pacifica Prime City: Viction proudly served as the Diamond Sponsor for this campaign and offered exclusive rewards for participants.
  • The Road to TGE: To mark the unveiling of the collaboration between Viction and Plena, we offer the opportunity to mint exclusive Plena X Viction NFTs directly within the app and earn points for participants.
  • A partnership with BuzzkillNFT on the Zealy quest challenge: offered participants exciting rewards and airdrop opportunities.
  • The Cyborg x Viction collaboration celebration campaign: distributed a substantial prize pool, further engaging the community.
  • Hold the Line, Secure Victory: The campaign with Holdstation and Viction has concluded, rewarding 200 fortunate winners..

Discover the Rich Airdrop Opportunities in Viction

In April 2024, Viction ecosystem members enjoyed a variety of airdrop opportunities, highlighting the vibrant rewards and incentives integral to community participation.

  • Those holding “Amphora: Viction Edition” NFTs were granted whitelist access to Starship Community Sales and were gifted the NFT Contrarians PFP, deepening their engagement with the platform's offerings. 
  • Holders of Starship NFTs were guaranteed access to join Starship Community Sales and received airdrops of $SAROS, $KRYSTAL Points, and $HAIRY, alongside the NFT Contrarians PFP, enhancing their collection. 
  • OneID holders, particularly those with 3 & 4-character IDs, were also privy to whitelist rounds for Starship Community Sales and received similar airdrops, underscoring the value of their unique identifiers within the ecosystem.
  • Lastly, early adopters of Zencard received not only the NFT Contrarians PFP but also the exclusive NFT Zen Master PFP, marking them as distinguished participants in the Viction ecosystem. 

These airdrops serve not only as rewards but also as strategic engagements that foster deeper involvement and anticipation among community members for future developments.

Technical Updates

April witnessed significant technical advancements and maintenance initiatives within the Viction ecosystem:

  • Vicscan Maintenance: Essential updates and enhancements were applied to Vicscan, ensuring improved performance and reliability for tracking transactions within the Viction network. 
  • Viction Halving: An important event that adjusted the tokenomics by reducing the supply of tokens, aimed at increasing scarcity and potentially enhancing the value of the Viction tokens. 

NFT Initiatives

Viction continued to expand our NFT offerings, introducing unique collections and opportunities for our community:

  • PFP Collections Launch: One of the first PFP collections, the Contrarians, was introduced, embodying the spirit of investors who dare to think differently and dream big. This collection celebrates visionary individuals who are reshaping the future of finance. Introducing the Contrarians.
  • Bitcoin Halving NFT: Celebrate the 2024 Bitcoin Halving with a limited edition NFT exclusive to the Viction community. 
  • World Wide Chain NFT: A commemorative NFT celebrating the milestone of the Viction World Wide Chain, with a total of 5,614 mints. 

VICIssuer Online Workshop

We hosted an online workshop aimed at educating and empowering developers to seamlessly launch VRC25 tokens and utilize the VicZ protocol for zero gas transactions. This workshop was designed to provide practical knowledge and tools to innovators looking to leverage Viction's technologies

The Workshop focuses on an introduction to token issuance on Viction, a detailed exploration of VicZ’s capabilities for efficient and cost-effective transactions, and a live demonstration of these technologies in action.

Join the VICIssuer workshop.

More about VICIssuer.

As April winds down, Viction's strides in blockchain innovation and community engagement stand out as a testament to its commitment to growth and excellence. The introduction of the VWWC and collaborations with key industry players have positioned Viction as a trendsetter in the push toward a more interconnected blockchain environment. The active participation in major offline events and dynamic online campaigns has not only solidified existing relationships but also attracted new users and developers to the platform. Looking ahead, Viction's ongoing technical upgrades, like Vicscan maintenance and the exciting new NFT initiatives, promise to further enhance the functionality and appeal of its ecosystem. With a strong focus on accessibility and community-centric developments, Viction is well on its way to setting new standards in the blockchain world.