Viction joins hands with Cyborg to ​​Empower Game Builders and Enrich the User Experience

Viction joins hands with Cyborg to ​​Empower Game Builders and Enrich the User Experience

Viction is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Cyborg, which opens up immense possibilities for the GameFi ecosystem on Viction. Cyborg is more than just an ordinary game launcher—it is the first gaming platform on Viction that unites game publishers and guilds. Belonging to the Ninety Eight ecosystem, Cyborg promises to unlock profitable prospects for gaming projects and enhance the Viction’s user experience by offering high-quality games.

Elevating all Gaming Builders to Web3 Success

Aligned with Viction's strategy, one of our main priorities is to bring real utility to the Web3 ecosystem by developing the GameFi ecosystem. Therefore, a gaming platform like Cyborg, which brings gaming projects into the blockchain world, is extremely valuable in helping us accelerate our goal. 

With an ambition to nurture and offer hands-on support for builders regardless of scale, Viction provides technical support, consultation, resources, funding, and strong network connections to foster project growth. During the process of expanding the ecosystem, we always encourage and seek builders focusing on user-friendly experiences, including features like DID, social login, high-quality games, and more. And the collaboration with Cyborg helps complete our GameFi category, fulfilling our holistic support for gaming builders, aiding in the growth of the user base, offering strategic advisories, and providing insights on gameplay.

Every game hosted on Cyborg is assured of meeting high-quality standards, blending the interesting features of Web2 games with the monetization possibilities of Web3. Such a combination significantly raises gaming builders' chances of succeeding in a fiercely competitive market. 

The solid bond between Viction and Cyborg enables game developers, from innovative Web3 GameFi startups to seasoned Web2 studios, to unlock new growth prospects, broaden their reach to more users, and grow within an open and secure world.

A mutual people-centric approach

The collaboration between Viction and Cyborg is more than just about supporting gaming projects. It's also a big step towards realizing the Ninety Eight ecosystem's goal of making Web3 accessible for everyone. With user-oriented technological advantages such as zero gas fees, enhanced security, decentralization, speed, and scalability, Viction helps Cyborg bridge the gap between technology and humans. Furthermore, the gaming platform is committed to providing Viction users with unique and enjoyable experiences as they delve into the world of Web3.

Mentioning Cyborg's current status, they have taken the initial steps by launching the first game, Cyborg Heroes, in collaboration with Imba Games—a top-tier studio game in Asia with 16 games released on CH Play and the Apple Store. The original game has gained recognition by ranking in the Top 10 on the App Store US and being featured as a "Game From Southeast Asia" on Google Play. In the upcoming phase, with the goal of integrating more games into the Cyborg platform, Viction users can anticipate even more exciting experiences.

Cyborg can be seen as the central hub that brings together game developers, gaming communities, and players, fostering an interconnected ecosystem between Web2 and Web3. Together, we are dedicated to realizing our shared vision, benefiting both users and innovative creators.

About Viction

Viction is a people-centric layer-1 blockchain, offering zero-gas transactions and enhanced security to make Web3 easy and safe for everyone. Beyond technical advantages, we provide hands-on support and a strong network connection to help web3 builders navigate the complexities of building a thriving business.

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About Cyborg

Cyborg is a gaming platform that brings together game publishers and guilds, offering high-quality games across various genres from Web2 to Web3. Committed to our mission, Cyborg strives to introduce millions of users to the world of Web3 by delivering games that blend the quality standards of Web2 with the play-to-earn concept of Web3.

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