Trust The Progress - 10,000$ in VIC Up for Grabs!

Trust The Progress - 10,000$ in VIC Up for Grabs!

Unlock exclusive Rewards: Join the Viction Community's Exciting New Space!

Exciting surprises await our OG supporters who have journeyed with Viction through key moments. And for the newcomers, plenty of opportunities await to join the Viction community and start earning "proof of community badges”.

To celebrate the launch of our brand new Viction Galxe Space, we're offering you some special Fundrop. Consider it a token of our appreciation for your continued trust - and a warm welcome to the newcomers.

Keep on trusting the progress, and watch the Fundrop pile up. The more Viction prints you gather, the more benefits you'll unlock. If you're new to the Viction scene, no worries - the party's just getting started. 

Event Details

Event period

⏰ Event period: July 10, 2024 - July 28, 2024, UTC+7

🎈 Total Rewards: $10,000 in VIC

✏️ Format: Lucky draw & FCFS 

How to Participate 

Complete these tasks below. Link to join 👉 here

“Proof of Entry '' Pool

- Follow @BuildOnViction X

- Follow @VictionEco X

- Join Viction Discord server

- Like & RT the official announcement

- Watch Youtube Video “Trust The Progress"

- Please watch the video and answer the questions  

+ Which milestone did Viction celebrate on June 18th, 2024?

+ What is the message at the end of the video?

- Refer friends to join the event (optional)

After completing the tasks, users can claim a "Proof of Entry" NFT as a reward and enter a raffle with $3,600 in total prizes. 

“Proof of OG '' Pool

- Verify your wallet if you have already minted Viction Edition

- Verify your wallet if you have already minted Bitcoin Halving

- Verify your wallet if you have already minted Viction World Wide Chain 

To join the "Proof of OG" pool, users must complete the "Proof of Entry" tasks and verify their wallets to confirm they have minted Viction Edition, Bitcoin Halving, and Viction World Wide Chain NFTs. This pool prize is to show our appreciation to previous supporters with more rewards.

Ultimately, everyone who participates in the campaign will receive a NFT as Proof of OG, adding to their Viction NFT collection.

Rewards distribution 

“Proof of Entry” Pool (Total rewards: 3,600$)

For users who have completed all the mandatory tasks on Galxe, we will hold a raffle to select 300 lucky winners from all participants, and each winner will receive $12.

“Proof of OG” Pool  (Total rewards: 6,400$)

This pool is our way of saying thank you to our dedicated Viction OG supporters! We truly appreciate your trust in the Viction progress. If you've minted any of these special collections – Viction Edition, Bitcoin Halving, or Viction World Wide Chain – you'll be eligible for a special reward. The more NFT collections you mint, the more benefits you can earn.

Reward distribution comes in two forms. For minters of a single NFT collection, the first 200 slots to join the campaign will follow an FCFS (First Come, First Served) model. For minters of two or three NFT collections, all wallets are eligible for a corresponding prize. Please see the full summary below.

Mint 1 NFT: Rewards 18$ per user (FCFS prize of 3,600$ with 200 slots). Please refer to the snapshot address list here
Mint 2 NFTs: Rewards 22$ per user. Please refer to the snapshot address list here
Mint 3 NFTs: Rewards 52$ per user. Please refer to the snapshot address list here
The list is open for feedback until 13 July, 4:00PM (UTC+7). After this time, no further complaints can be addressed.
The wallet you used to join this event on Galxe must be compatible with the snapshot address.
Rewards for OG pool is only distributed to eligible wallet

(*) Eligible wallet: A wallet that has completed the “Proof of Entry” & “Proof of OG" task group


- The criteria are calculated by collections, not by the number of NFTs minted per collection. For example:

  • If wallet A minted 3 NFTs in the Bitcoin Halving collection and 5 NFTs in the Viction World Wide Chain collection, it will be considered as meeting the criteria: Mint 2 NFTs.
  • If wallet B minted 10 NFTs in the Viction Edition collection, it will be considered as meeting the criteria: Mint 1 NFT

- For the shared pool prize for minters with 2 NFTs & 3 NFTs, user rewards are capped at the amounts listed in the table above. If any pools remain unclaimed, the remaining rewards will be distributed to more participants in this event.

Terms and Conditions

- All users are welcome to participate in the event.

- Rewards will be distributed to your Viction wallet address that is connected to your Galxe profile via Coin98 Super App Vault (See details here).

- Please claim your rewards from your Coin98 vault before December 31, 2024 (10:00 PM, UTC+7). After this date, we reserve the right to retract the rewards for other Viction community activities.

- The winner announcement will be announced within 7 working days after the campaign end date.

- Rewards will be distributed to winners within 14 working days after the winner's announcement.

- The reward of VIC is calculated based on the average closing price of VIC over 10 Jul - 28 Jul 2024.

- Any changes to the participation information after the event has finished will not be eligible.

- Viction reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.

- Any cheat detected will automatically be handled without notice.

- Viction reserves the right not to accept a complaint if it is deemed that there is an obvious fraud.

- Rewards might be reallocated during the event. Follow our X account to get the latest updates. 

- For any event concerns, please contact us on the Viction Discord for support.

- All final decisions belong to Viction.