Hyperlane Powers Permissionless Interoperabilityon Viction

Hyperlane Powers Permissionless Interoperabilityon Viction

Viction is thrilled to announce a new integration with Hyperlane to usher in a new era of seamless cross-chain transactions. As a people-centric Layer-1 blockchain known for eliminating transaction fees, Viction is always looking for ways to improve and simplify the user experience. With Hyperlane's warp routes and permissionless interoperability, the Viction ecosystem is set to scale across numerous chains and VMs, marking a significant step forward in making cross-chain interactions more accessible to everyone.

Permissionless Interoperability: Removing Barriers to Onboarding and Expansion

Hyperlane's Permissionless Interoperability technology aligns perfectly with Viction's vision of building an open and secure world where humanity flourishes. Unlike traditional interoperability solutions that often involve complex and exclusive processes, which cause a massive bottleneck for new chains and hinder onboarding growth, Hyperlane democratizes the concept of bridging. There's no need for lobbying or waiting in line; with Hyperlane, anyone can deploy interoperable bridges.

  • Customizable Security: Hyperlane's adaptable security framework empowers developers to build tailored validator systems, maintaining robust security across different blockchain interactions. Their technology ensures seamless integration with existing blockchain infrastructures.
  • Permissionless Innovation: Developers can integrate with Hyperlane's solutions without seeking permissions, fostering a dynamic and innovative environment.

The synergy of permissionless functionality and robust security through Hyperlane not only simplifies asset bridging but also guarantees secure and agile cross-chain transactions for Viction users.

Enhancing Liquidity and Token Availability

Our integration with Hyperlane isn't just about connecting chains; it's about enhancing liquidity and token availability. Hyperlane has deployed warp routes for prominent tokens such as ETH, USDC, and USDT,... bridging them between the Ethereum mainnet and Viction. This means more options and greater liquidity for our users, who can now tap into a broader range of assets within our ecosystem.

The Hyperlane deployment and warp routes are already operational on the mainnet. We invite Viction enthusiasts to experience the simplicity and speed of bridging to Viction through Nexus.

The integration of Hyperlane is a testament to our commitment to making the decentralized world more accessible, scalable, and secure. By bridging the gaps between chains, we're not just building a platform; we're building a community where innovation thrives without barriers.

About Hyperlane

Hyperlane is the permissionless interoperability layer connecting the modular ecosystem. With Hyperlane, anyone can connect any blockchain, rollup, appchain, on any VM. Additionally, Hyperlane’s modular security stack gives developers the power to customize their interchain security to their needs.

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About Viction

Viction is a people-centric layer-1 blockchain, offering zero-gas transactions and enhanced security to make Web3 easy and safe for everyone. Beyond technical advantages, we provide hands-on support and a strong network connection to help web3 builders navigate the complexities of building a thriving business.

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