Viction integrates Nansen to deepen onchain insights and simplify data accessibility

Viction integrates Nansen to deepen onchain insights and simplify data accessibility

In a landmark move, Viction has joined forces with Nansen, Web3’s leading on-chain data provider, to deliver comprehensive data integration services, from data accessibility to robust analytics for everyone.

Retail and institutional investors looking for the latest “alpha”on Viction can soon keep close tabs on data and insights through the Nansen Growth Dashboard. The transparency and decision-making for investment will be enhanced within the Viction ecosystem, leading to richer community interactions.

Additionally, the Nansen Query tool and other integrative features will equip developers building on Viction with in-depth data to transform into strategic insights, enabling data-driven product development and precise marketing strategies.

"In order to scale the Viction ecosystem, we have committed to substantial progress in technology upgrades, data processing, and ecosystem expansion. We believe that Nansen's involvement will make Viction's performance more visible and deepen the understanding of a wider audience about what we have built and continue to build.” - Thanh Le, Co-Founder of Ninety Eight & Council member of Viction Foundation.

"We’re delighted to integrate with Viction as part of our wider efforts to incorporate leading blockchains into Nansen and deliver our best-in-class onchain data and analytics to their community. This integration will provide everyone from users to developers with deep insights into the Viction ecosystem, highlighting network growth and fostering a more informed and engaged community.” - Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen

Stay tuned for the official launch date and unlock a whole new level of truth through data-driven decision-making within the Viction ecosystem!

About Nansen

Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels. Crypto investors use Nansen to discover opportunities, perform due diligence and defend their portfolios with our real-time dashboards and alerts.

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About Viction

Viction is a global layer-1 blockchain that empowers builders at every level, provides both the foundation and enhancements necessary for projects to achieve stability and soar to their higher selves. We provide seamless interoperability, scalability, flexible development, zero gas fees, enhanced security, and speed to enable builders with tech capabilities. Beyond technical advantages, Viction offers holistic guidance through consultation, resources, funding, and strong network connections to foster project growth.

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