Viction World Wide Chain. Scale Beyond Limits

Viction World Wide Chain. Scale Beyond Limits

On the shoulder of the giants 

You can call it the next big thing, or label it as a market "trend". But it is just something that we refuse to settle with, given the potential off-track it might cause to the next generation of blockchain builders, if not fixed now, when we still have the luxury of time. 

For years, the relationship between infras and applications has been more of a win- kind of win- situation. When more users an application brings into the ecosystem, is not really equivalent to what they get in return. 

With some applications, their motivation dies with the once passionate dream to build a better experience and wonderful services for the community. 

The other applications survive, wanting to get out of the system that was never theirs, and to build their own home, their own chain. This is the result of great and visionary entrepreneurship, but a long-term market clusterfuck when everyone gets independent and creates a greatness of fragmented values. 

Mass adoption or a Web 2 parallel, was once a collective goal of all builders when the smallest achievement of each application feels like it takes us, as the whole community, one step further to it. It is now just a dream that's getting ever harder to reach. 

There are now many discordant voices. 

Introducing Viction World Wide Chain (VWWC) 

The Internet of Appchains, Powered by Viction

In a space of months of intense research and development, Viction was eagerly in pursuit of a new framework to empower appchains' economy. This course of action involves a great partnership with GlitchD Labs, who paid tremendous corresponding efforts in making the vision into reality. 

So here we are, proudly presenting Viction World Wide Chain

Viction World Wide Chain provides a novel solution, representing a network of app chains that operate concurrently, anchored by a common settlement on Viction. These fractal-like chains are interconnected through Viction World Wide Chain Protocol (WWCP), allowing for fluid asset and data transfer within these chains, and establishing a foundation for extensive scalability and a myriad of decentralized applications.

Each appchain operates as a distinct zkEVM instance within a grand tapestry of parallel blockchains, interconnected and harmonized through the underlying principles of the mainnet.

  • Ultrahigh throughput 
  • Zero-knowledge powered - for privacy and scalability
  • Interoperability & Interconnection across Viction appchains

The interchain connectivity is facilitated by Viction World Wide Chain Protocol (WWCP) - a set of smart contracts on the mainnet that manage asset transfer and message relay between appchains. Assets on Viction World Wide Chain are unified under a shared bridge contract, simplifying liquidity management and enabling seamless transactions across the ecosystem.

A new chain structure supports mutual wins.

Infras get gas fee, applications get app fee. 

The value of the infras aka app chain now is tied to the success of applications built on it. One gets motivated to provide a better foundation of security, the others are incentivized for each time onboarding new users.

A new chain structure runs on liberal 

Shared infrastructure, but freedom to build  

It should never be wrong wanting to build something of your own and have full sovereignty over it: run your own chain, use your own tokens for transactions. But there is a way to do that without isolating yourself from a community. Especially one that provides great foundational support. 

A new chain structure, champions collective value creation

Hyper-interconnectivity among chains 

Communication is key, data is king. 

Imagining a future of not only interchain communication & value shared, but interzone, allowing infinite value creation. Here, we are acknowledging the greatness in creating this magnificent environment of the World Wide Web, and being inspired by its exponential impacts on humanity. 

Viction World Wide Chain. 
Scale Beyond Limits.