Viction’s Q1 2024 Community Call Recap

Viction’s Q1 2024 Community Call Recap

As spring is often associated with a bullish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market, Viction is no exception to this trend. Today, we hosted the "Viction's Spring Recap & Community Gather - The Viction’s Q1 2024 Community Call" to reflect on the past three months of early 2024 and unveil our plans for the upcoming quarter. 

Led by Daphne, a core contributor of Viction, and Hera, a Council member of FrontierDAO, the call brought together community members, superstar ambassadors, Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon winners, and garnered the support of all participants.

Key takeaways:

  • Viction's ecosystem grew with expanded listings, new builders, and native stablecoins.
  • Technical updates included the transition to the Viction Wallet and the launch of the Viction Testnet.
  • The Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon concluded successfully, with winners celebrated.
  • The Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program saw significant interest and onboarded new ambassadors.
  • Various campaigns engaged over 128,000 participants and distributed $60,000 in rewards.
  • Exciting plans for Q2 2024 include becoming a hub for Asian founders, strengthening partnerships, empowering builders, simplifying blockchain, and focusing on Consumer Apps, Games, and NFTs.
  • The Q&A session addressed market highlights, Viction's gas fee strengths, and technical aspects.

Part 1: A Look Back on the 3 Months of Spring

Growth in the Viction Ecosystem

During the community call, Viction announced our expanded presence on multiple exchanges, including Bybit, HTX, Ceffu, First Digital Trust, SimpleSwap, and more. This listing on trusted exchanges increases accessibility for investors and strengthens the crypto community as a whole.

Moreover, Viction proudly welcomed nearly 20 new builders across diverse categories such as Infrastructure, Stablecoin, Gaming, Applications, and Staking. Notable projects like Humanode, TMRGames, MudAI, ChainAtlas, and others were acknowledged for their valuable contributions to the ecosystem. Furthermore, the introduction of native stablecoins, namely CUSD and USDV, offers users additional options and further fortifies the ecosystem.

During the call, updates on various Viction ecosystem projects were shared: Townstory successfully launched their Android version and forged strategic partnerships to enhance the gaming experience. Meanwhile, Buzzkill continues to progress and grow in the testnet phase of their development.

Viction’s technical and product updates

The transition from the Tomo wallet to the new Viction Wallet was highlighted as a significant milestone, leading to a better user experience and more efficient asset utilization. 

Additionally, the launch of the Viction Testnet in Q1 aimed to improve the contract deployment experience for developers. 

Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon Success

The successful conclusion of the Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon was also celebrated during the community call. Winners were recognized for their outstanding projects across the DeFi, Gaming, and Social categories. After the winner's announcement, the Victory Expedition event was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Thanks to the sponsorship from Arche Fund, the winners of the Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon were treated to a two-day trip filled with exploration, insightful talks, pitching sessions, and networking opportunities. 

This call is a chance for us, once again to express gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon. Judges, speakers, mentors, sponsors, and partners were recognized for their support, contributions, and valuable advice. Beyond the Hackathon, Viction will support every project, regardless of scale, and serve as a launchpad for startup aspirations.

Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program

The call highlighted the Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program, which aims to empower and connect the community. The program offers various positions tailored to different strengths and interests, with benefits like exclusive event invitations, early access to NFT projects, and recognition for achievements. 

"After approximately one month of rebranding the Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program (formerly known as Tomodachi), we received over 700 applications globally and onboarded 35 new ambassadors, targeted 50+ ambassadors this week. Applications for Batch 6 are currently open until April 22, and individuals from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to join, regardless of their expertise."

Viction's Successful Campaigns

In total, Viction ecosystem has organized or co-hosted 10 campaigns, including 'Swag-tastic' and 'Viction Learn & Earn.' Throughout these campaigns, a generous sum of $60,000 in rewards has been distributed within the Victione ecosystem. Over 128,000 participants actively engaged and benefited from the campaign offerings.

Viction would like to express gratitude to our campaign partners: Mudai, OneID, Dagora, Humanode, Coin98 Super App, Micro3, Taskon, Mori, and TMR games. Their contributions have greatly enhanced the experiences and opportunities for the Viction community. Viction looks forward to future collaborations to create even more valuable experiences.

Part 2: Looking ahead to Q2 2024, exciting plans await for the real "Spring Season" 

In Q2 2024, Viction is set to roll out a plethora of initiatives, presenting a wide array of options for Viction builders, developers, and users to explore and engage with.

  • Becoming a Hub for Asian Founders: Viction is dedicated to becoming a hub for Asian founders, fostering their success within a supportive ecosystem. We aim to collaborate closely with entrepreneurs and visionary leaders to drive growth and cultivate a thriving community.
  • Selecting Industry Leader Seeds: Our focus will be on selecting projects with the potential to become industry leaders, prioritizing outstanding products that have a significant impact over quantity.
  • Strengthening Regional Partnerships: Strong regional partnerships in key markets such as Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Korea, and beyond will be established to enhance Viction's presence and collaboration with local builders.
  • Empowering Builders and Developers: Viction aims to empower builders and developers who are building on Viction by offering more online workshops, such as the recent VRC25 workshop. We encourage individuals who are interested to subscribe to our Youtube channel for access to more educational materials.
  • Zero Gas Fee and Simplifying Blockchain: Viction is committed to providing the necessary resources and expertise to effectively support ecosystem projects. Our Zero Gas Fee feature simplifies blockchain for everyone, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and promote widespread adoption.
  • Focus on Consumer Apps, Games, and NFTs: Viction is devoted to developing consumer apps, games, and NFTs to grow our user base and introduce Web2 users to the benefits of decentralized platforms. Network stability, developer resources, and technical updates like VICIssuer are priorities for this season.
  • More On-Chain Activities and Community Engagement: For community users, Q2 promises exciting on-chain activities, campaigns, and events with zero gas fees, high security, fast transactions, and enticing rewards. Viction encourages community members to stay engaged on Discord to stay informed about updates and unveils.
  • Fostering the Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program: The Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program presents an excellent opportunity for individuals to contribute to the Web3 space. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply and join the ranks of Viction Vanguard until April 22, 2024.
  • And last but not least, an alpha has been hinting at the potential to bring positive changes to the Viction Ecosystem. Let's join our movement on Twitter.

Part 3: Questions & Answers

The Community Call wrapped up with an engaging Q&A session where Daphne addressed several interesting questions sent in by the Viction community.

1/ What has been your favorite highlight from the past three months up to now?

Incredible market shifts and fast-paced developments have been the most exciting part of the past three months. Witnessing BTC's surge, the emergence of new trends and initiatives, and the growth of our Viction community has been inspiring. The energy, collaboration, and dedication displayed by users and builders have been truly rewarding.

2/ Mentioning the gas fee of Viction, what are its notable strengths and technical aspects?

Viction has addressed the issue of high gas fees by introducing the VRC25 token standard, which eliminates the need for gas when using the token. Users only need 1 VIC to enjoy 200k transactions. Additionally, the VICIssuer tool allows projects to cover gas fees for their users. Furthermore, Viction also offers the VRC725 standard, which applies similar characteristics to NFTs.


Viction's commitment to building a strong community and introducing quality projects stands strong amidst the ever-changing industry landscape. By prioritizing community and excellence, Viction aims to set trends and establish a long-term presence in the crypto industry.

About Viction

Viction, previously known as TomoChain, is a people-centric layer-1 blockchain that provides zero-gas transactions and heightened security, making Web3 accessible and safe for everyone. With a design emphasis on user experience, Viction prioritizes zero-gas transactions through the innovative TRC25 token standard, alongside speed, security, and scalability, all contributing to a more secure and open world.

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