Learn & Earn: $3,000 VIC & Viction Contributor Role Monthly

Learn & Earn: $3,000 VIC & Viction Contributor Role Monthly

Our official Viction community is now on Zealy, a credential platform designed to connect you to the Viction ecosystem. Let's engage in quests exploring Viction, from understanding the VRC25 standard to mastering DeFi protocols. Each challenge you conquer boosts your knowledge and level in the community.

The Viction Zealy community cultivates a thriving ecosystem of collaboration and connection. Network with fellow Viction champions, engage in insightful discussions, and forge lasting bonds that fuel the collective growth of the platform. Together, you'll shape the future of Viction, brick by digital brick.

A fantastic prize is waiting for you to grab: a total of $3,000 in VIC and exclusive Viction roles on Viction Discord. Join us now for an exciting journey!

Event details

⏳ Duration: This is an always-on program.

⏰ 1st Sprint: 18/12-18/1/2024 (1 month)

📂 Format: Top Leaderboard

💰 Reward for each sprint: 10 Contributor role in Viction Discord & $3,000 in VIC.

How to participate

Step 1: Join Viction Zealy here, where a realm of tasks awaits, ready to be conquered and contribute to the thriving Viction Ecosystem.

Step 2: Do the following tasks in Viction Zealy. You will receive Points when completing each Quest, complete as many quests as possible to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Special note: 

Tasks require effort will have more points.

Reward distribution 

$3,000 will be awarded to TOP 50 leaderboard in each Sprint. As follows:

  • Top 1: $300 
  • Top 2: $200 
  • Top 3: $100 
  • Top 4-20: $70 each
  • Top 21-50: $40 each

Special Reward 

Furthermore, the Top 10 contributors on the leaderboard each sprint will be granted the “Viction Contributor” role. Viction Contributors can access an exclusive private group chat on Viction Discord, where you can raise and discuss questions with the Viction team.

In addition, Viction Contributors will also have Exclusive tasks on Viction Zealy, this will give you an advantage in racing the Leaderboard in the next sprint.

Terms & Conditions

  • All users are welcome to participate in the program.
  • This is an always-on activity,  winners will be unveiled on Viction's social media platforms monthly.
  • Rewards will be distributed to winners within 7 working days from the end of sprint.
  • Rewards will be distributed to your Viction wallet address that is connected to your Zealy profile.
  • Multiple sign-ups from the same IP address will result in disqualification from the Program.
  • Viction reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.
  • Any cheat detected will automatically be handled without notice.
  • Viction reserves the right not to accept a complaint if it is deemed that there is an obvious fraud.
  • All final decisions belong to Viction.