Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon Winners Announced!

Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon Winners Announced!

The Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon has successfully concluded our journey of discovering promising projects to unlock potential and ignite innovation. The hackathon served as a platform for participants to showcase their creativity and explore the possibilities of blockchain technology. This included experiencing the benefits of features like Viction zero-gas fees, fast transactions, enhanced security, scalability, and more.

After nearly three months of search, the list of nine winning teams in the three category tracks, including Social, Gaming and DeFi has been revealed. Congratulations and thanks to all the enthusiastic teams that contributed to making the Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon a memorable journey.

The competition attracted participants from all levels, as we provided different forms of support for each team and fulfilled our mission as a launchpad for startup aspirations, regardless of scale.

Besides the process of determining the winning teams, the Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon fulfilled our true mission of nurturing startup potential. We organized online and offline workshops, coaching sessions, and university tours that brought together builders from around the world. These events helped participants enhance their hands-on understanding of entrepreneurship, technology, and startup development. Take a look at our journey around the globe in the video below.

Unveiling the Final Winners

From over 300 registrations, participating teams went through Demo Days, where 36 teams presented and directly interacted with judges. From there, we identified 9 outstanding names.

Hakifi - 1st Prize DeFi & Stablecoin Category

Hakifi is a decentralized hedging protocol that offers insurance coverage for spot asset loss and futures position loss in the cryptocurrency market. It provides simple and automated tools with intelligent algorithms to empower crypto traders and promote responsible investing.

ApeState - 2nd Prize DeFi & Stablecoin Category

ApeState is a real estate investment platform that combines decentralized finance (DeFi) with real-world asset trading. It democratizes global real estate investment by leveraging web3 technology, Viction integration, and secure Chainlink oracles. ApeState aims to make real estate accessible and inclusive while offering perpetual trading and liquidity pool contributions.

Doldrums - 3rd Prize DeFi & Stablecoin Category

Doldrums is a protocol that enables the issuance of a Delta-Neutral Stablecoin, addressing liquidity fragmentation by integrating ZeroGas transactions, Viction support, and OFTV2 multichain features. It provides a seamless user experience with gasless transactions and enhances stability for collateral-based stablecoins.

Buzzkill - 1st Prize Gaming Category

Buzzkill - Honeycomb Hustle is a macroeconomic NFT strategy game where players stake bees, forage for resources, and engage in raids to collect $HONEY tokens. It offers an immersive gaming experience on the blockchain, allowing players to mint bees, participate in raids, and explore the world of digital beekeeping.

Town Story Galaxy - 2nd Prize Gaming Category

Town Story Galaxy is a crypto social game that offers a play-to-own experience with NFTs as in-game items. It provides cross multi-chain compatibility and F2P/F2O models to acquire and store crypto assets. The game fosters social collaboration, educates players about the Web3 ecosystem, and bridges traditional studios with Web3.

Joy Gotchi - 3rd Prize Gaming Category

Joygotchi is a blockchain-based virtual pet game inspired by Tamagotchi. Players hatch, nurture, and care for their Joygotchis, which are represented as verifiable blockchain assets. Neglecting their pets' needs could lead to their demise, while caring for them requires purchasing food using $Joy Tokens.

Givefund - 1st Prize Social Category

GiveFund is a crypto fundraising platform that enables individuals and nonprofits to launch and support fundraising campaigns. It leverages blockchain technology to facilitate global kindness and generosity, empowering users to make a difference.

Atbash - 2nd Prize Social Category

Atbash is a privacy-centric e-voting platform for DAOs and community-driven projects. It ensures secure and transparent voting through advanced cryptographic technologies like Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Homomorphic Encryption. Atbash prioritizes user-centric design and explores innovative solutions for voting pattern analysis and identity verification.

Vicbot - 3rd Prize Social Category

VICBOT is a Telegram trading bot designed for Alpha traders. It offers lightning-fast and seamless trading experiences by leveraging the Viction chain. VICBOT provides swift execution, MEV protection, a user-friendly interface, and advanced technology to empower users and foster faster adoption in crypto trading.

While recognizing the winners in the Social, Gaming, and combined DeFi & Stablecoin categories, we'd also like to address the Main and Payment tracks. This year, we saw many creative ideas, but none perfectly matched what we were looking for to declare a winner in these areas. This isn't a setback but a sign of the high standards we strive for at Viction Horizon.
It's an exciting challenge for all the bright minds out there — to come back even stronger and surpass these high expectations. At Viction Horizon, we're all about nurturing the seeds of innovation and watching them grow into the solutions of tomorrow. We're looking forward to seeing what next year's participants will bring to the table, armed with fresh insights and determination.

From Support to Success

Once again, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us in making the Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon a success. Our gratitude goes out to the judges, speakers, mentors, sponsors, and partners who provided financial support, valuable consultancy services, and helped us gain wider exposure.

Viction Horizon goes beyond being just a competition; it's a platform for fostering connections. Through this Hackathon, participants have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share a passion for entrepreneurship and technology. We are especially grateful to the judges and mentors who have served as guiding lights for the teams, helping them grow and refine their projects both technically and from a business perspective.

We also thank the community for standing by us. Let's stay connected and witness how Viction continues to execute its vision of expanding our ecosystem, unlocking potential, and igniting innovation.