Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program: Uniting Ambassadors for Greater Impact

Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program: Uniting Ambassadors for Greater Impact

Originating with the name Tomodachi, Viction's Ambassador Program has been rebranded as Viction Vanguard, expanding our efforts to continuously empower and connect the community. The program, driven by the Viction, has improved mechanisms to benefit ambassadors and maintain a closer connection with the community.

Viction Vanguard - A Force of Movement Leaders

The Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program is dedicated to identifying the most talented and exceptional individuals within the Viction community. These ambassadors are well-trained, driven by a clear mission, hands-on approach, and eager to collaborate with others.

Together with Viction and the community, Viction Vanguard forms a pioneering force aimed at realizing the vision of "Building an open and secure world where humanity flourishes." If Viction offers technology that makes Web3 accessible for everyone, then Viction Vanguard will support us in bridging the gap between technology and human values, encourage collaboration, and empower the Viction community to live up to their full potential. 

The term "Vanguard" has been carefully chosen to represent individuals who are "leaders of the movement," capable of both leading and working effectively as part of a team. Vanguard does not simply seek strength like a traditional army but rather embodies a force motivated by a greater purpose. They focus particularly on embracing the waves of change in the modern era and being at the forefront of advanced initiatives.

Who can join Viction Vanguard?

Whether you're a writer, designer, developer, trader, or crypto enthusiast, you're welcome to join from any background. Our ideal Viction Vanguard brings diverse perspectives, a solid understanding of Viction, and a genuine passion for the world of Web3.

The program offers several positions, each catering to different strengths and interests:

The benefits of being a Viction Vanguard 

Monthly Rewards

As a Viction Vanguard, you will receive a monthly allowance based on your earned points, paid in $VIC. The point system will be unveiled once you successfully pass the selection round.

Moreover, excelling as a Viction Vanguard opens doors to greater growth opportunities and the chance to hold higher positions with deserving benefits. 

And more than that

Networking opportunities, inclusive events, and rewards are also part of the package, including:

  • Exclusive invitations to Web3 events and parties.
  • Early access to upcoming NFT projects and Web3 initiatives.
  • Access to promising projects within the Viction ecosystem.
  • Recognition for outstanding achievements.
  • Exclusive merchandise, NFT certificates, and more.
  • Priority consideration for full-time positions.
  • Personalized sessions with Viction Builders.
  • Sponsored event tickets or trips.
  • Letters of recommendation for career opportunities.

Since the Viction Vanguard program is still in its early stages, plenty of hidden opportunities are waiting for you to grab.

The new Identity practices

To enhance the recognition of  Viction Vanguard members, we have introduced new elements for you to interact with online and also present during offline activities.

Icon usage: The Victory symbol ✌️✌️

This symbol embodies the two Vs in Viction Vanguard, representing the formation of the letter W, which signifies "Win." The 2Vs also symbolize the unity between Viction and Vanguard, as our journey together. 

Overall, the icon conveys the message that when diverse strengths come together, they can create positive changes and lead to victory.

Key Visual: The zigzag lines

This key visual resembles the letter W, symbolizing the unity within the group. While the multiple stacked lines represent the collective nature of the community.

To use the key visual, please click on the following link.

Hand sign: The Victory sign

Additionally, we have a hand sign for Viction Vanguard and the community to use when taking photos while interacting with Viction.

How can you join the Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program? 

Interested individuals can explore the available positions above, determine which one suits you best, and submit your application. Apply Now

Staying connected with Viction's channels is highly recommended to receive updates and stay engaged with the community.


Joining the Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program is not just an opportunity; it is a transformative journey. The program offers a platform for personal growth and provides individuals with the tools and support to make a lasting impact on the Viction ecosystem and the industry as a whole. Viction Vanguard members are encouraged to express themselves, contribute their unique perspectives, and drive positive change within the Web3 landscape. Throughout this journey, Viction Foundation accompanies and empowers Vanguard members, creating an environment conducive to their success.

About Viction 

Viction is a people-centric layer-1 blockchain, offering zero-gas transactions and enhanced security to make Web3 easy and safe for everyone. Additionally, we provide hands-on support and a strong network connection to help web3 builders navigate the complexities of building a thriving business.

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