Viction March’s Highlights

Viction March’s Highlights

March 2024 was a month dedicated to showing appreciation to the community, reflecting on the three-month journey of Viction thus far, and introducing exciting new opportunities for builders and users on Viction to further engage. In this blog, we will explore how Viction expanded its ecosystem, highlight significant developments, delve into community calls and workshops that provided in-depth insights into Viction, discuss ongoing campaigns for community involvement, and reveal the emerging talents of Viction Vanguard.

Key Takeaways

  1. New integrations with Plena, Autharium, HoldStation, Gecko Terminal, Simple Swap, Defusion, Townstory, and Chat3 were announced.
  2. Viction organized the "Viction's Spring Recap & Community Gather" Community Call to recap Q1 2024 achievements and reveal future plans.
  3. OneID expanded their support for registering IDs by accepting VIC tokens and introduced the new ".gft" DID for Web3 gifting solutions.
  4. VIC holders can stake their tokens and earn SVIC as a derivative token through deFusion integration, offering higher yields and better utilities in the Viction ecosystem. Baryon and deFusion also introduced a SVIC staking pool with VIC rewards, enabling users to earn more rewards on Viction.
  5. The "Mastering Zero Gas with VRC25 Token Standard" online workshop was held to help builders on Viction explore efficient transactions using the VRC25 Token Standard.
  6. Viction launched the Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program, inviting talented individuals to join and offering exciting benefits, mechanisms, and visual elements.
  7. The Viction Vanguard Monthly SuperStars program recognized outstanding contributions from community members.
  8. March featured exciting campaigns and events, including the Biomapper Saga, Exploring Viction Event, Viction x Bybit Carnival, Viction Learn & Earn, and an engaging AMA session with Chat3.

New Integrations

March welcomed the addition of eight new integrations across various sectors, including NFT Marketplaces, Financial Services, Gaming, and Social Interaction. These integrations aimed to provide users on Viction with a seamless experience. Here are some of the key integrations:

  • Plena: The Super App powered by Account Abstraction on Viction.
  • Autharium: An NFT marketplace focused on Japanese manga, anime, and digital works.
  • HoldStation: A Smart Contract Wallet enabling users to conveniently track tokens and NFTs on Viction.
  • Gecko Terminal: Provides real-time trading data and insights for decentralized trading on Viction.
  • Simple Swap: Enables seamless swaps of VIC tokens with a user-friendly interface and 24/7 support.
  • Defusion: An infra-liquidity staking platform providing automated rewards distribution and stability on Viction.
  • Townstory: A web3-based social management game leveraging Viction's technology, including NFTs and transparent gameplay.
  • Chat3: A live-streaming, conferencing, and SocialFi platform, allowing users to utilize VIC tokens for social payments, gifting, and token-gated access.

Viction’s Q1 Community Call

Viction organized a Community Call “Viction's Spring Recap & Community Gather” that recapped the accomplishments of the first quarter of 2024, highlighting the platform's growth in the crypto market. The call covered Viction's listings on exchanges such as Bybit, HTX, and Ceffu, along with the onboarding of nearly 20 new builders. Notable events, including the Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon and the Victory Expedition event held in Ho Chi Minh City, were also mentioned. Key milestones, such as the launch of the Viction Testnet, and the introduction of native stablecoins, were celebrated. The call also introduced the Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program and shared plans for the second quarter.

Ecosystem Highlights

In addition to the integrations, several updates stood out during the month. 

  • Notably, OneID expanded their support for registering IDs by accepting $VIC tokens, offering users more options. OneID also partnered with Gift Metaverse to launch the new DID ".gft," which aims to enhance the Web3 gifting solution. Users can now obtain ".gft" IDs through OneID at, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Furthermore, the integration with deFusion allows VIC holders to stake their tokens and earn SVIC as a derivative token. Stakeholders can participate by visiting
  • Additionally, Baryon and deFusion introduced an SVIC staking pool with VIC rewards. Users can stake their SVIC tokens and start earning rewards on the Viction network. Detailed information is available at

“Mastering Zero Gas with VRC25 Token Standard” Online Workshop

An online workshop with a live coding session was conducted to explore the unique gas features of the VRC25 Token Standard. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the development and deployment of this standard for efficient transactions. The session premiered on YouTube and was accessible at

Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program

Viction launched the Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program to seek talented individuals with strengths such as The Creator, The Connector, The Techie, and The Nurture. Besides a rebranding announcement from Tomodachi, Viction Vanguard introduced new benefits, mechanisms, and visual elements like Icons and a distinct hand sign for photos. Those interested in joining the program and becoming Viction Vanguard were encouraged to register before April 22nd via:

Viction Vanguard Monthly SuperStars

For the first time, the Viction Vanguard Monthly SuperStars program was launched to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of our Ambassadors. Notable winners included @OguzieWisdom, @fredlex_, and @Al1netla, who received rewards in VIC tokens. The program acknowledged various categories such as Best Performers, Best Debuts, Best Tweeter, Best Infographic, Best Meme, Best Video, and Best Proposal.

Read the full leaderboard here:

Multiple Campaigns and Exclusive Rewards

Throughout March, participants had the opportunity to engage in various activities and earn enticing benefits. Let's take a closer look at some of the notable campaigns and events that took place.

  • Biomapper Saga:

One of the standout collaborations during this period was the Biomapper Saga, a partnership between Humanode and Viction. The campaign provided an exciting chance to explore the intersection of technology, creativity, and social engagement.

  • Exploring Viction Event with Micro3:

The Exploring Viction Event with Micro3 captured the attention of the community. To participate, users followed a simple six-step process to complete the Viction Genesis NFT. Holding a significant number of Viction NFTs allowed participants to compete for a share of the $1,000 C98 token prize pool among the top 10. Participants also earned M3G for each owned NFT, enhancing engagement and rewards.

  • Viction x Bybit Carnival:

Another noteworthy campaign was the Viction x Bybit Carnival, which offered limited-capacity rewards for participants who completed the mission. Participants had the chance to join the 31,750 $VIC Prize Pool, creating an atmosphere of excitement and competition.

  • Viction Learn & Earn:

The 2nd Sprint of Viction Learn & Earn has concluded with the emergence of the winners! The Total Reward has been adjusted to $8,500 to acknowledge the competitors' spirit, with the Top 50 Leaderboard and 50 lucky participants.

Additionally, Sprint 3 has also come to an end on March 31st, with the winners set to be announced soon to receive a prize pool of $5,000 in VIC for the top performers and unlock the Contributor Role in Viction Discord!

The 4th Sprint of Viction Learn & Earn has just kicked off and promises exciting prizes for participants.

  • Engaging AMA Session with Chat3 and Viction:

Viction recently hosted an exciting AMA session featuring Chat3 and BuildOnViction. The event allowed the Viction community to interact directly with the platform's key figures and gain valuable insights into Viction's ecosystem. Participants engaged in discussions about Viction's unique features, social payments, collaborations, and upcoming campaigns. The AMA session showcased Viction's commitment to transparency and community involvement, fostering a stronger bond with our users.

In conclusion, March was a significant month for Viction, showcasing our dedication to empowering our community. We achieved this through new integrations, open new opportunities for VIC holders, the introduction of the Viction Vanguard Ambassador Program, and engaging campaigns that exemplified our commitment to innovation in the blockchain industry.

About Viction

Viction, previously known as TomoChain, is a people-centric layer-1 blockchain that provides zero-gas transactions and heightened security, making Web3 accessible and safe for everyone. With a design emphasis on user experience, Viction prioritizes zero-gas transactions through the innovative TRC25 token standard, alongside speed, security, and scalability, all contributing to a more secure and open world.

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