Viction January 2024 Highlights

Viction January 2024 Highlights

January 2024 is a promising month for new plans. We are forging collaborations with industry-leading partners and providing enhanced support for institutional investors, more talented individuals will join us from the Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon, and we will be revealing exciting plans throughout 2024. These activities promise to foster growth within the Viction ecosystem in the coming year.

Key takeaways:

  1. MudAi, ChainsAtlas, Cococat, TMR Games, and USDV have lived on Viction.
  2. Community Call to reveal Viction’s plans for 2024.
  3. Viction Testnet introduced while the old Tomo Testnet version will no longer be accessible.
  4. Viction's Horizon Startup Hackathon concluded successfully, with winners being unveiled in three category tracks: Social, Gaming, and DeFi.
  5. $VIC is supported on Ceffu for institutional investors and listed on Bybit and HTX.
  6. Viction's campaigns offer learning, earning, and exclusive rewards: Learn & Earn 2nd Sprint, Swag-tastic, and many co-campaigns.

New Integrations

Viction expanded our ecosystem through several new projects onboarded. Notable integrations include MudAi, ChainsAtlas, Cococat, TMR Games, and USDV. These collaborations bring AI-based metaverse building, blockchain coding tools, Web3 social systems, gaming platforms, and omnichain fungible tokens to the Viction platform. With features like zero gas fees and optimized code execution, Viction aims to provide a robust and innovative environment for Web3 applications. 

Community Call - Viction's 2024: The Next Wave of Expansion:

Viction hosted a Community Call event where we revealed our plans for 2024. The Call provided an opportunity to reflect on past achievements and set the course for future growth. Viction Community had the chance to join the call and hear from key speakers, gaining insights into Viction's strategic direction.

Read the full Community Call recap here.

Viction Testnet introduced

Viction introduced a Viction Testnet to enhance the contract deployment experience for developers. The old Tomo testnet will no longer be accessible on January 31st, 2024, making way for the improved Viction Testnet. Developers can explore the possibilities of the upgraded Testnet by referring to the provided documentation here.

Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon, Winners Announced 

Viction's Horizon Startup Hackathon concluded successfully after receiving over 300 registrations. 36 teams participated in Demo Days, where they presented their projects and interacted with judges. The hackathon served as a platform for participants to showcase their creativity and explore the potential of blockchain technology. The 9 winning teams in three category tracks (Social, Gaming, and DeFi) were unveiled, acknowledging their outstanding contributions to the hackathon.

Read more about the Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon Winners wrap-up here.

Expanding Institutional Support and Listing Opportunities

Viction ($VIC) is now supported on multiple platforms, including Ceffu, HTX, and Bybit. Ceffu, a digital asset platform, offers custody and liquidity solutions specifically designed for institutional investors, ensuring a secure and reliable environment for them to engage with the Viction ecosystem. Additionally, the listing of VIC on HTX and Bybit provides traders with more options, as these exchanges offer reliable platforms for depositing, withdrawing, and trading VIC.

Community activities

Viction has hosted several community activities, along with engaging in co-campaigns with prominent partners, which provide participants with exciting opportunities and rewards within the Web3 ecosystem.

Ongoing Campaigns:

  • To kick off the new year in style, Viction launched the “Swag-tastic” campaign. Participants had the opportunity to win limited edition Viction merchandise by following specific instructions on social media.

Join the “Swag-tastic” here.

  • The "Learn & Earn 2nd Sprint" campaign, launched from Jan 18 to Mar 3rd, provides participants with a comprehensive learning journey and the chance to earn rewards. Top performers had the opportunity to earn the prestigious Contributor Role and $7,500 worth of VIC tokens. The campaign ran from January 18th to March 3rd, 2024, allowing participants to expand their knowledge, contribute to the community, and enjoy substantial rewards.

Join the “Learn & Earn 2nd Sprint” here

  • The "Fresh Start, Smart Journey" campaign, a joint effort by OneID and BuildOnViction and hosted on TaskOn, is still ongoing. Participants can embark on an exciting journey and stand a chance to win from a prize pool of up to $3,000.

Join the “Fresh Start, Smart Journey” campaign here.

  • The partnership between BuildOnViction and MudAi is ongoing, with the first-ever event, "SBT Minting," still in progress. Participants have the opportunity to mint exclusive SBT tokens and explore the possibilities of the metaverse.

Join the “SBT Minting” campaign here.

Concluded Campaigns:

  • The “Season Of Joy” event, organized by Dagora in collaboration with Viction and TaskOn, has come to an end. Participants had the chance to win a generous prize pool of $4000 in VIC. 
  • The collaboration between Humanode and Viction continues to combat Sybil attacks. Humanode's BotBasher has been integrated into Viction's discord to provide Sybil resistance to the ecosystem. To celebrate this partnership, an exclusive QuestN campaign has been launched.

January 2024 highlighted Viction's commitment to growth, innovation, and community engagement within the Web3 ecosystem. We solidified strategic partnerships, extended token listings on multiple exchanges, enhanced our Testnet, successfully concluded a startup hackathon, and unveiled captivating campaigns. Embrace the limitless potential of Web3 with Viction as we offer you an unprecedented selection of options.