Community Call Recap - “Viction's 2024: The Next Wave of Expansion”

Community Call Recap - “Viction's 2024: The Next Wave of Expansion”

As we kick off 2024, it's the perfect time to hold a Community Call where we reflected on our achievements from the previous year and shared our exciting visions and plans for the upcoming year.

During the call, we had the pleasure of having Mr. Thanh Le, a Council member at Viction Foundation and Co-founder of NE, Mr. Marcus Le, Head of CM at Ninety Eight and Viction Builder, and Mr. Lak, a Builder at Viction.

The Call took place on January 17, 2024, at Viction's Discord Official Channel. 

Key Takeaways

  1. In 2023, Viction laid the foundation for our growth, focusing on improving infrastructure, supporting developers, enhancing user experience, and fostering community engagement.
  2. Viction's focus in 2024 is on prioritizing quality over quantity, nurturing select projects with substantial impact.
  3. Viction aims to foster on-chain activities.
  4. We have clear strategies for driving mass adoption, including establishing local communities and developing consumer apps/games.
  5. Viction is committed to enhancing technical advancements, ensuring network stability, scalability, and providing developer resources.
  6. We foster developer and builder communities by involving them and offering education programs.
  7. Exciting initiatives like the Victory Expedition and the expansion of the Tomodachi ambassador program aim to foster innovation, collaboration, and personal growth.
  8. Viction plans to create job opportunities in the Web3 ecosystem to connect talent with projects.

Viction’s 2023: The Foundation for Growth

Throughout 2023, we invested substantial efforts in improving our infrastructure, ensuring our preparedness to operate with the next generation of builders on Viction. As a result, Viction's ecosystem has experienced rapid growth, with the addition of 30 new integrations and partnerships within just two months. This expansion has attracted infrastructure builders, providing developers with more project options and enhancing user experiences, thereby fostering community growth.

Support for Entrepreneurs & Developers

  • In 2023, Viction has formed crucial partnerships with industry leaders such as Pyth, LayerZero, and Covalent. These partnerships cover areas like indexing and data analytics, offering developers valuable tools and services for optimization.
  • Viction organized over 25 meetups and workshops, attracting more than 15,000 participants. 
  • We also successfully hosted the Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon, where participants competed for over $300,000 in prizes.

Improving User Experience:

  • Viction seamlessly migrated from the Tomo wallet to the new Viction wallet, resulting in an improved user experience and increased asset utilization.
  • Additionally, Viction achieved a significant milestone by introducing native stablecoins (CUSD and USDV), aiming to bring stability to the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Community Engagement:

  • The Tomodachi Ambassador Program has been instrumental in fostering strong connections and representation within the community, with eight ambassadors successfully joining the program. 
  • Viction also organizes engaging campaigns, such as the Viction Edition with a prize pool of $5,000, collaborating with industry partners and generating over 450,000 impressions during the festive season. 

Viction’s 2024: The Next Wave of Expansion

During the Community Call, notable strategies for 2024 were first revealed, promising numerous opportunities for builders and developers to thrive and grow.

Opting for high-quality projects

Viction's primary objective for 2024 is to support select projects that have the potential to become big names in the industry. Rather than onboarding a vast number of projects, Viction aims to bring onboard around 20 to 50 projects that are dedicated to building exceptional products with substantial impact. This approach allows for a solid foundation and sets the stage for future growth in 2025.

Focus on-chain activities

In 2024, Viction seeks to see bold projects onboard that fulfill real demands by launching impactful products, release tokens and experiment NFTs on Viction. Our focus is on nurturing a diverse range of on-chain activities, providing builders with opportunities to showcase their skills and create remarkable products. Viction continues to harness the expertise and knowledge of builders from diverse backgrounds, creating a vibrant ecosystem that caters to the needs of users worldwide.

Clear Strategies for Mass Adoption

Committed to making web3 accessible for everyone, Viction has devised a clear strategy employing a dual approach. By bridging the gap between traditional and decentralized technologies, we aim to drive widespread adoption and enable users to experience the advantages of blockchain technology.

Firstly, we actively encourage builders in specific countries to establish local communities, fostering a strong presence and leveraging the talent pool in each region. With great regional partners in major markets such as Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Korea, and more, Viction aims to establish a thriving presence and engage with local builders. 

Secondly, we are actively engaged in the development of consumer apps and games with the goal of expanding our user base. Our objective is to captivate the interest of Web2 users and acquaint them with the abundance of benefits that decentralized platforms offer. 

Enhancing Technical Advancements

Viction places great emphasis on enhancing key areas of technical advancement to ensure network stability, scalability, and developer resources. One of the upcoming protocols is a Staking derivatives protocol, which will utilize high-tier hardware solutions to avoid failed validators and ensure smooth transactions on the network. 

Additionally, Viction is working on providing higher scalability RPC services, indexes, graphs, various APIs, and toolkits that simplify the deployment of contracts, token issuance, and NFT creation.

Building Strong Developer and Builder Communities

Creating strong communities is a top priority for Viction in 2024. We aim to establish better mechanisms for coordination and engagement with the builder and developer community. While exact details are yet to be disclosed, Viction plans to involve the community more through mechanisms such as DAO voting or community forums. Viction also plans to set up courses that will equip individuals with the necessary skills to develop on the chain. By focusing on developer education, Viction aims to empower builders and developers, ensuring their success within the ecosystem.

Exciting initiatives such as the Victory Expedition, an exclusive Vietnam tour for winners of the Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon, sponsored by ArcheFund, aim to foster innovation and collaboration. The tour provides winners with the opportunity to explore Vietnam's crypto landscape, visit Ninety Eight office, and participate in a gathering where builders can share experiences and network. 

Viction also plans to organize mini-hackathons, co-host bootcamps, participate in global blockchain events, and run online campaigns to engage the community. 

Expanding the Tomodachi ambassador program is also a priority, offering training and connection activities to support personal brand and skill growth.

Creating Web3 Job Opportunities

Reflecting our commitment to empowering human potential through value creation, Viction plans to facilitate more job opportunities in Web3 within our ecosystem. Collaborating with partners, Viction aims to bring in more jobs and foster connections, providing avenues for growth and development. A job board connecting Web3 talent builders with projects within the Viction ecosystem is also being developed, offering not only earning opportunities but also a chance to enhance skills. Further details on these initiatives will be shared in due course.


In conclusion, 2023 was a transformative year for the Viction ecosystem. The rapid growth, partnerships, and initiatives undertaken have laid a strong foundation for future builders. As the Viction community continues to expand and engage with developers and users, the platform is poised for further advancements and success in the years to come.

Viction understands that the crypto industry is constantly evolving, with various blockchains and trends emerging. However, rather than chasing every trend, Viction remains steadfast in our commitment to building a loyal community and creating high-quality products that meet market demands. By prioritizing these factors over short-term trends, Viction aims to establish ourselves as a trendsetter and ensure long-term sustainability.