Viction May’s Highlight

Viction May’s Highlight

Viction's ecosystem saw a major boost in May! Discover exciting partnerships, cutting-edge developer tools, and a thriving community with this update.

Key Takeaways

  1. New integrations and collaboration with Lumoz and Polygon Labs, Ivy PFP Collection, Omni NFT, World of Dypians, Revoke Cash, Solide, VIX Trade, DWF Liquid Market were announced.
  2. Viction Data Availability launched, removing data bottleneck for mass adoption.
  3. Foundry smart contract development kit goes live on Viction mainnet. Viction VRRF introduced for secure and trust-worthy dApps.
  4. Binance halted BEP2 token deposits, including $TOMO BEP2, on May 15, 2024, requiring conversion to VIC (VRC25) beforehand.
  5. Active community calls like "Scale in May" & "Exploring Viction's New Community Structure", First ever Russian AMA, Domains & Degens premier episode, Plena Pod.
  6. Transition to Discord for enhanced communication and exciting activities.
  7. New community ranking system empowers members and promotes growth.
  8. Global Viction Pizza Party celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day.
  9. The Ambassador program welcomes new members and contributors, and celebrates community stars who made May so special. 
  10. Campaigns like Viction Learn & Earn and Midle collaboration drive engagement.

Thriving Viction Ecosystem

In May, Viction saw an array of exciting new integrations that bolstered our ecosystem.

  • The most significant collaboration marking a major shift for Viction is the partnership with Lumoz and the use of the Polygon CDK (Chain Development Kit). Builders can now create their own chains on Viction using Polygon CDK and Lumoz’s support. This partnership is crucial for Viction's vision of "Scale Beyond Limits," creating a robust, interconnected blockchain community.
  • The NFT landscape on Viction is flourishing with the next PFP Collection - Ivy, backed by Ostro Studio and crafted by Upside. 
  • OmniHub NFT launchpad opened as your gateway to creating and sharing unique NFT collections on Viction.
  • Further enhancing our ecosystem, Revoke Cash has also integrated with Viction.
  • Solide, the open-source IDE and Knowledge Hub for smart contract development, is now built on Viction. With Solide, Viction users can effortlessly load verified contracts into an IDE directly and deploy from Github.
  • The upcoming launch of the VIX Trade Testnet marks a game-changing milestone in our journey.
  • To top it off, VIC/USDT trading pairs are now available on DWF Liquid Markets, providing even more flexibility and options for our users.

Viction Data Availability

May witnessed another big news that brought further concrete foundation for Viction scale beyond limits, that the launch of Viction Data Availability! Scaling blockchain no longer feels like running high-end games on a low-RAM PC. Data availability is no longer a bottleneck for mass adoption. This innovation marks a significant step forward for the Viction community. 

Learn more about Viction DA here.


More Technology Updates for Developers

We are committed to supporting our developers with the latest tools and technologies:

  • Foundry Launches on Viction Mainnet: Foundry, the powerful smart contract development kit, is now live on the Viction mainnet. This suite of tools offers faster deployment, advanced testing tools, and superior debugging capabilities, paving the way for the future of dApp development on Viction.
  • Viction VRRF: Decentralize Your Decisions: We introduced the Viction VRRF (Verifiable Relatively Random Function), a free tool designed to add a layer of trust and security to your decentralized applications. 

Access here to learn about Viction's technology, developer tutorials and documentation for building solutions on Viction.

TOMO BEP2 was affected by Binance's new deposit process

Binance stopped processing deposit requests for all BEP2 tokens starting at 8:00 (ET) on May 15, 2024. If you held $TOMO BEP2, you were required to convert them to VIC (VRC25) before this deadline.

Find the details here.

Community Calls

May was filled with community calls and events aimed at connecting and engaging with our global community:

  • “Scale in May” Community Call: We recapped May's initiatives and discussed our strategic collaborations with Polygon and Lumoz, offering a sneak peek into Viction’s plans for June.
  • Ukraine Community AMA: This inaugural local AMA session aimed to unite and engage the Ukrainian community, discussing future initiatives and community-specific topics. Join the AMA conversation.
  • First Russian AMA: On May 18th, we hosted our first Russian AMA, marking a significant milestone in unifying the RU community and Viction. 
  • Domains & Degens Premieres: The first episode of Domains & Degens premiered on May 17th, featuring a D3 x Viction AMA that provided an insightful discussion on building the new Internet. If you missed it, catch up on the action on X Spaces.
  • Viction was invited to be a guest in Ep. 25 of the Plena Pod. We have discussed insightful conversation with viction as we explore Predicting the Next Breakthroughs in Blockchain Scalability.

Viction Community Unites on Discord

To streamline communication and enhance engagement, we have transitioned the Viction community to Discord. Join us on Discord for vibrant chats, thrilling campaigns, and dynamic activities. 

Important dates to remember:

  • May 20th, 2024: Official transition to Discord
  • June 20th, 2024: Farewell to our Telegram groups (Vietnam and Global)

New Community ranking

We implemented a significant update to our community ranking - a framework designed to foster member growth and engagement within the Viction ecosystem. The new ranking provides a clear pathway for members to progress through various tiers, each offering increasing levels of responsibility, rewards, and influence. This change empowers members to leverage their skills and contribute meaningfully to the Viction community's success. We value transparency, collaboration, and shared success. Your voice matters to us, and we’re committed to providing resources to help you thrive in the ever-evolving Web3 landscape. Join us on Discord and learn more about our Community Ranking.

Viction Pizza Party

We celebrated Bitcoin Pizza Day with the Viction Pizza Party, hosted worldwide in Lagos, Uyo, Abuja, HCM, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Ukraine. This event brought the community together to commemorate a historic moment in cryptocurrency history. Relive the fun and register for upcoming events here.

Ambassador Update

May was a month of growth for our ambassador program! We welcomed a wave of 10 new ambassadors, with an impressive 40 contributors quickly joining the new "contributor" role following our announcement of the updated community ranking system.

Celebrating Our Community Stars:

This month, we're shining a spotlight on the incredible members who made May so special. Congratulations to our top performers in various categories!

  • Top Earners (Vanguards):

$700 VIC each: @Al1netla, @m4lkxx

$600 VIC: @OguzieWisdom

  • New Vanguard: A big welcome to @m4lkxx who's already making a big impact!
  • Best Tweet: Congrats to @gold_mera for the engaging tweet that kept us reading all month!
  • Best Infographic: Shoutout to @Ember9hh for making complex information clear and visually appealing!
  • Best Meme: We laughed out loud with the hilarious meme by @ChristianDior31!
  • Best Video Recap: A big thanks to @fredlex_ and @Al1netla for capturing the spirit of the month in fantastic videos.
  • Best Podcast: The insightful podcast by @ChristianDior31 got us thinking! Great discussion!
  • Best Creative Idea: We were impressed by the creative thinking of @m4lkxx & @crlazeeee for their #VictionUnitesTheWorld idea!
  • Best Connector: A big thank you to @ucanseeofficial. for connecting the Viction team with valuable projects!

Engaging Campaigns

In May, Viction launched several exciting campaigns that energized our community. We announced the winners of the Viction Learn & Earn 4th Sprint, celebrating the top 30 leaderboard achievers. The 5th Sprint kicked off, offering participants the chance to complete quests and unlock special prizes, including $2,500 in $VIC, the Contributor role in Viction Discord, and higher chances of becoming Viction Ambassadors. 

Additionally, our collaboration with Midle brought an exhilarating campaign, inviting participants to claim their share of 500,000 Midle points. These initiatives fostered vibrant engagement and further strengthened our community bonds.

May proved to be a transformative month for Viction. The ecosystem flourished with groundbreaking integrations,empowering developer tools, and a thriving, engaged community. From building custom chains to fostering creative content and rewarding participation, Viction is well on our way to achieving its vision of "Scale Beyond Limits."