Viction June’s Highlight

Viction June’s Highlight

This June, Viction celebrated a busy and productive month with exciting developments across the ecosystem. Here's a comprehensive look at our June highlights.

Key takeaways

  1. Viction welcomes a wave of new projects in June, including Chainlyze, BlazPay, BlockWallet, NFTs2ME, Zeroway, Wigman, Omnisea,, Quick Intel, StakeKit.
  2. Additionally, three new NFT collections were introduced, including the arts.asp x 12 Zodiac Mint, Some Ordinary Days, and the HoloCorp NFT Game collection.
  3. In addition to new integrations, the Viction ecosystem witnessed some notable updates from deFusion, Loyal3, StakeKit, Vix Trade, Dagora, Zero Labs.
  4. *VIC Name Token Launch: In collaboration with D3, the VIC Name Token arrives, enhancing user experience and identity within the Viction network.
  5. Vic Zero Gas for NFT Transactions: Viction streamlines the process for developers to leverage Vic Zero Gas for NFT transactions.
  6. Viction Hits 1 Billion Transactions: A major milestone as Viction surpasses 1 billion transactions processed.
  7. Viction's June 2024 Community Call, "Summer Sum-up," took place on July 1st. The event reviewed June's achievements and discussed plans for July. Read the recap here.
  8. Our official merchandise, Vic Swags, is now available online. Fans worldwide can purchase exclusive Viction gear and proudly show their support.
  9. Viction at GMVN: Viction makes a strong presence at the GMVN 2024 event, sponsoring events, hosting panel talks, and showcasing the project's potential.
  10. Highlights of our community engagement include welcoming 11 new ambassadors, including 4 Vanguartists. @FrontierDAO_AFR joined our community. Fun activities like Game Night, Euro 2024 watch party, and Vanguard Chat Party were enjoyed. Informative events included the Crypto Brew Podcast and Viction Ecosystem AMA. We moved to Discord for better communication. And the Vanguard Academy trained ambassadors in video creation and Twitter growth.
  11. More campaigns for users: Viction celebrated *VIC Name Token launch with a $3000+ prize pool and 1000 tokens. We also sponsored the ID to Multi Gateways Campaign with OneID & HMX offering up to $240,000 in C98. Viction Learn & Earn 5th Sprint winners were announced, including 30 Top Leaders and 10 new Viction Contributors.

New Integrations

We are thrilled to welcome several new integrations into the Viction family, significantly expanding our ecosystem:

  • StakeKit: A powerful self-custodial yield API offering 500+ yields across 50+ networks, all through one API.
  • Quick Intel: Helps Viction users protect funds by identifying vulnerabilities in smart contracts.
  • The first non-custodial CEX on-ramp solution. Viction users can now transfer assets directly from an exchange to a wallet through’s interface, maintaining full ownership and eliminating transfer hassles. 
  • Omnisea: The first protocol to implement the LayerZero standard - ONFT - for creating permissionless NFT collections.
  • Wigwam: A convenient crypto wallet to work with Web3 applications.
  • Zeroway: Interact with Hyperlane using Zeroway on Viction, making it the most cost-effective solution with smoother, faster connections.
  • NFTs2ME: Empowers Viction users to effortlessly deploy NFT projects utilizing NFTs2ME features.
  • BlockWallet: A modern web3 cryptocurrency wallet for enthusiasts of all EVM networks, offering cutting-edge innovation and high-level security.
  • BlazPay: Offers crypto financial solutions with the vision of bringing a seamless, one-stop experience for users.
  • Chainlyze: Provides user-friendly on-chain intelligence for crypto enthusiasts, compliance officers, and financial analysts to understand blockchain network dynamics. On-chain tracking on Viction is now more accessible with Chainlyze.
  • Additionally, in June, three new NFT collections were introduced, including the arts.asp x 12 Zodiac Mint, Some Ordinary Days, and the HoloCorp NFT Game collection.

Ecosystem Highlights

In addition to new integrations, here are some notable updates for projects on Viction this June:

  • ZERO Lab's AMA: An AMA with ZERO Lab's founders and Viction was held to discuss the upcoming collaboration and the future of ZERO. Join the recording.
  • Vix Trade: The Perpetual DEX, Vix Trade, has taken their initial steps within our ecosystem, enabling more trading activities for all users. 
  • $VIC Staking on StakeKit: You can now stake $VIC on StakeKit with Coin98 Super Wallet support, further integrating our token within the ecosystem.
  • Loya3 Loyalty Program: Loya3 has launched an innovative loyalty program on Viction, enhancing user engagement and rewards.
  • deFusion listed on Defillama: DeFusion is now officially listed on Defillama, highlighting our expanding influence in the DeFi space.

*VIC Name Token Official Launch

In collaboration with D3, the *VIC Name Token is now available for registration. Compatible with Vicscan and Coin98 Super Wallet, *VIC Name Token enhances user experience and identity within the Viction network. You can now easily send, receive, and store your favorite cryptocurrencies and NFTs using your Viction Names, thanks to Coin98 Super Wallet's support for *VICnames.

Download Coin98 and experience the seamless integration today.

*Register your VIC Name Token here

Vic Zero Gas for NFT Transactions

We’ve made applying Vic Zero Gas for NFT transactions smoother, reducing technical hurdles so developers can focus on building. Check out our step-by-step guide

Viction Hits 1 Billion Transactions

A monumental milestone! Viction has processed over 1 billion transactions. Explore details on Vicscan

Summer Sum-up: Viction’s June 2024 Community Call

Halfway through the year already! The Viction June Community Call: Summer Sum-up on July 1st at 5 PM (UTC+7) was hosted on Twitter, YouTube and Discord to reflect on June's achievements and prepare for July’s initiatives.

Read the full recap here.

Vic Swags is Live Online

June brought exciting news for Viction enthusiasts as our official merchandise went live online! Fans can now snag exclusive Viction gear and feel like true insiders. Whether you're part of our Vietnamese community or a global supporter, you can easily purchase items and showcase your Viction pride.

Global fam:

Vietnamese fam:

Viction at GMVN

Viction made a splash at the GMVN 2024 event in Ho Chi Minh City, bringing our vibrant energy to the Web3 community. We sponsored various events, hosted a social media campaign, participated in numerous events, delivered two insightful panel discussions, and a captivating keynote address rounded out our participation.

  • Unforgettable Night: We capped off the event by sponsoring the epic NFT Epic Night, hosted by Dagora and Cyborg.
  • Builder Space Gathering: Viction hosted Builder Space 2024, bringing together a powerhouse group of 60 Founders, 26 CEOs, 15 C-level executives, and 50 Managers/Heads/Directors.
  • Engaging Campaign: Our "Lead to Limitless Future" campaign was a hit, boosting user interaction at GMVN. We distributed a total of $2,000 in prizes and exclusive NFTs to participants.
  • Keynote Spotlight: Viction was honored to have Ms. Uyen Pham, CMO of Ninety Eight, deliver a compelling keynote address on the Vietnamese blockchain landscape.
  • Industry Insights: Viction Council member Mr. Thanh Le joined a panel discussion with leaders from Sei Network, Aptos, Injective, Klaytn, and Scallop. Together, they explored the exciting topic of "The New Wave of Layer-1 Blockchain."

Community Activities

June was a month of vibrant engagement for the Viction community, welcoming 11 new Viction Ambassadors, including 4 Vanguartists, a new ambassador role. Plus, the month was packed with exciting activities, including:

  • Calling All Creative Minds: We are looking for artists and visual storytellers to join the Vanguartist squad, a special group dedicated to creating art for the Viction community. This initiative encourages creative expression and engagement within our ecosystem.
  • Welcoming FrontierDAO Africa: We warmly welcomed @FrontierDAO_AFR to the Viction ecosystem, strengthening our community bonds.
  • Viction Game Night: A fantastic opportunity to have fun with fellow community members and showcase your gaming skills in a Poker game. Held on June 26 at 5 PM UTC in the game-zone on Discord, winners received over 1000 XP and $50 in VIC.
  • Crypto Brew Podcast: Listen to the latest episode of the Crypto Brew podcast, featuring insights into the potential of the *VIC Name Token and its launch. This episode, made possible with @EMEBOK_, discusses how moving from Web2 to Web3 is easier than ever. Listen to the Podcast here.
  • Understanding the Viction Ecosystem AMA: Hosted by @Mr_mems, this Twitter Space session provided a detailed breakdown of how the Viction Ecosystem works and the latest innovations since January. The session was held at 9 PM WAT and offered an exciting exploration into Viction. Listen to the recording.
  • Euro with Viction Party: Celebrating Euro 2024, this event encouraged community members to gather their friends, watch the matches, and share their favorite moments with “Euro with Viction” for a chance to win $200. Hosted by @ChristianDior31 on Discord, it was a fun-filled watch party.
  • Vanguard Chat Party: For newcomers to the Viction ecosystem, this chat party offered guidance and personal experiences from our stars. Held at 12 PM UTC on June 22, 2024, it helped new members integrate smoothly into the community. Listen to the recording.
  • Transition to Discord: On June 20th, Viction officially moved to Discord to streamline communication and enhance engagement. This transition aims to bring all our vibrant chats, campaigns, and activities into one lively platform. Join us on Discord.
  • Vanguard Academy Training Sessions:

We held two training sessions this month to empower our Viction Vanguard and Contributors. The first session, "Viction Academy #2 - Mastering Viction Video," hosted by @cryptomorn, provided valuable video creation tips to over 10 ambassadors.

Following that, the highlight of the month was "Vanguard Academy #3: Twitter Growth Strategy," conducted on June 12, 2024, at 5 PM (UTC+7) on Viction Discord. This session, led by @2nd_dot and trained by @jackvi810, emphasized fostering mutual growth within our community.

Engaging Campaigns

The D3 Campaign celebrated the *VIC Name Token launch with a prize pool exceeding $3000 and 1000 *VIC Name Tokens, energizing our community. Join the campaign here.

Additionally, Viction sponsored the ID to Multi Gateways Campaign in collaboration with OneID & HMX. This event, packed with surprises, offers total rewards of up to $240,000 in C98. Participants can register with OneID and enjoy up to 50% cashback, along with exclusive offers from our partners. Don't miss out on this opportunity. The campaign ends on July 25th, 2024, at 11:59 PM (GMT+7). Join the campaign here.

Moreover, the Viction Learn & Earn 5th Sprint concluded, and we proudly announced the winners. Congratulations to the Top 30 Leaders! We also welcomed 10 new Viction Contributors to our family, ready to embark on their journey with Viction. Find out more about the winners here.

June has been transformative for Viction, marked by new integrations, technological advancements, and a thriving community. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to scale beyond limits!