Viction Community Call Recap: June 2024 and a Look Ahead to July

Viction Community Call Recap: June 2024 and a Look Ahead to July

Dive into the highlights from our June community call, hosted by core contributor Daphne and moderated by FrontierDAO Council member - Hera. Get ready for a jam-packed recap of ecosystem growth, project integrations, technical advancements, and the exciting initiatives on the horizon for July!

Last Month Recap

June: Ecosystem Expansion and Milestones

This June, the Viction fam grew even bigger! We welcomed 13 new projects, strategically bolstering our offerings. Dive into the world of NFT minting with Omnisea, explore seamless crypto finance solutions with BlazPay, or leverage the cost-effective Hyperlane integration offered by Zeroway. StakeKit joins the party, enabling VIC staking right in your Coin98 Wallet. BlockWallet steps up your web3 security with their innovative wallet solution, while Chainlyze empowers you to navigate the complexities of on-chain intelligence. Effortlessly deploy your NFT projects with NFTs2Me, and keep track of all your CeFi assets with That's not all – several exciting projects are on the horizon, so keep your eyes peeled!

The NFT enthusiasts in our community were treated to a trio of new collections this month. The Ivy Collection brings together Web3 investors, while 12 Zodiacs We Step into the World of Eternal Happiness offers a talisman more than just an NFT – a beacon of peace and prosperity. And for those who cherish life's little moments, Szé's "Some Ordinary Days" captures the beauty of everyday experiences.

GM Vietnam Event 

We also splashed at the GM Vietnam (GMVN 2024)! Viction sponsored 2 events, hosted the "The Limitless Future" social campaign, delivered a captivating keynote address, and actively participated in panel discussions. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with the vibrant Web3 community in Vietnam.

Key stats

But the celebrations didn't stop there! Viction surpassed a monumental milestone – 1 billion transactions on the network! This achievement is a testament to the unwavering support of our community and the immense potential of the Viction ecosystem.

Technical Enhancements: Building a Smoother Viction Experience

We're constantly innovating to make your Viction experience top-notch. This month, we rolled out the guide of VIC Zero Gas for NFT transactions, streamlining the process and freeing up builders to focus on creating amazing things.

Project Highlights: Making Waves in the Viction Ecosystem

A round of applause for our amazing projects making waves in the Viction ecosystem! 

  • The Loyal3 Loyalty Program launched this month, rewarding dedicated community members for their contributions and keeping the engagement fire burning.
  •  D3 further solidified Viction's presence in the crypto space with the launch of the VIC.vic domain. 
  • OneID user verification surpassed 100,000, showcasing Viction's unwavering commitment to user security. 
  • Cyborg kept the momentum going with engaging campaigns
  •  World of Dypians introduced the NFT Betapass, unlocking a new world of gaming experiences.
  •  VIX Trading, the first derivatives exchange on Viction, is gaining traction with positive user feedback during its testnet phase. We're excited to see it flourish!
  • The integration of DeFusion onto Defillama expands Viction's visibility and reach within the DeFi landscape

Community Engagement: Growing Together

The Viction community is the heart and soul of our ecosystem, and we're dedicated to fostering its growth. The Viction Vanguard Ambassador program reached a new milestone with over 100 content creators and artists on board. Hera, from FrontierDAO, introduced the "Vanguartist" role specifically designed to welcome artists and empower them to explore NFT opportunities within Viction.

Speaking of FrontierDAO, the operational force behind the Viction Vanguard program, they're our companion when it comes to building a thriving Viction community. From online events and training sessions to unforgettable offline meetups like the recent "Nextbridge Web3" event in Africa, they keep the energy high and the connections flowing.

Looking Ahead: July and Beyond – A Summer Sizzler

The call ended on a high note, with a sneak peek at what awaits us in July. Get ready for a summer sizzler packed with exciting initiatives!

  • Large-Scale Campaigns: Buckle up for a wave of engaging campaigns, including "The ID to Multigate Ways" with a whopping $240,000 prize pool. Stay tuned for more details – you won't want to miss this!
  • Community Appreciation Initiatives: We're showering our loyal community members with love this July! Expect exclusive events, personalized rewards, and a special airdrop to show our gratitude for your amazing support.
  • Strategic Integrations: The Viction ecosystem is about to get even bigger and better. We're gearing up for new integrations designed to enhance user experience and unlock a world of possibilities.
  • FrontierDAO: A Global Focus on Creators:

Hera also shared some exciting sneak peeks from FrontierDAO. They're planning to re-position the DAO as a global network of creators, welcoming a diverse range of talent from both Web2 and Web3 backgrounds. Whether you're a master of the art, design, video, blogging, or wielding the power of the written word, FrontierDAO wants you! Here's what you can expect when you join:

  • Become a Viction Ambassador: Increase your chances of becoming a Viction Ambassador and play a key role in shaping the future of the platform.
  • Shape Local DAOs: Help develop FrontierDAO's Local DAOs, fostering vibrant Web3 communities around the world.
  • Level Up Your Earnings: Access exclusive bounties, grants, and training sessions within the Viction ecosystem.
  • Join the Movement: Be part of a global movement empowering creators and shaping the future of Web3.

FrontierDAO is particularly focused on emerging markets with high crypto adoption rates. Their recent launch of FrontierDAO Africa is a testament to this commitment.

The Beat Goes On: Stay Connected!

That's a wrap for the June community call recap, but the party's just getting started! Here's how you can stay plugged into the Viction universe:

  • Follow FrontierDAO on Twitter and join their Discord server for early-bird access to exciting opportunities.
  • Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for the latest updates on July's events, campaigns, and announcements.

We're thrilled to be on this journey with you, Viction fam. Let's continue building an amazing future together!