Viction and CTeX Join Forces to Launch the CTeX Blockchain Zone in Cambodia

Viction and CTeX Join Forces to Launch the CTeX Blockchain Zone in Cambodia

December 20, 2023, marks an important milestone in the collaboration between Viction and CTeX-22 as we have signed a strategic partnership agreement to deploy the Sandbox for the launch of the CTeX Blockchain Zone at Flatiron. By joining forces, our mission to support innovative projects, drive decentralized technology advancements and expand the Viction ecosystem gains even greater momentum.

Establishing the CTeX Blockchain Zone at Flatiron

As part of this collaboration, Viction and CTeX-22 (Cambodia) will explore the opportunity to establish the CTeX Blockchain Zone at Flatiron, located in Cambodia. This dedicated blockchain zone will serve as a Sandbox, fostering experimentation and encouraging the development of innovative blockchain solutions. 

CTeX has chosen Viction as their exclusive preferred chain to launch for this zone. This decision highlights the trust CTeX has in Viction's technology and expertise. Under the terms of the agreement, Viction is committed to providing CTeX with extensive technical expertise and dedicated human resources. Our team will work closely with CTeX to develop an ecosystem for an innovative  application of blockchain technology and decentralized applications (dApps) that align with their objectives. We have great confidence in CTeX's ability to fully leverage the potential of blockchain technology and deliver innovative solutions to their users.

Enabling further possibilities

To further enhance the user experience and provide liquidity, CTeX and Viction have jointly agreed to establish a decentralized exchange (DEX) swap pool. This pool will enable users to effortlessly exchange CTeX and VIC tokens, as well as tokens associated with both parties.

The collaboration between CTeX and Viction creates a relationship that will unlock mutual benefits for both parties. Through this partnership, Viction remains committed to empowering and unlocking the potential of promising projects, as we actively seek out and support other initiatives. By providing optimal support and resources, we enable innovators to bring their ideas to life and advance decentralized technologies globally.