Introducing Viction Community Structure: A Framework for Collaborative Growth

Introducing Viction Community Structure: A Framework for Collaborative Growth

As Viction expands our global reach with the Viction World Wide Chain, we are dedicated to empowering you to become an active participant in this groundbreaking journey. With every step forward, the direction of our community becomes clearer. Viction now has community ranks with distinguished roles. 

We welcome new members to join us in a community that fosters freedom of expression, limitless opportunities for self-development, and the ability to scale beyond limits.


The Viction Ladder: A structured path for personal and community development.

  • Flexible Onboarding: We cater to all experience levels.
  • Personalized Support: We help you identify how your skills can contribute to the community.
  • Benefits & Perks: Each tier unlocks rewards and opportunities.

The Tiers: Climb the ladder and unlock exciting roles:

Viction Folk (Tier 1): Verified member, fostering a positive community. 

Viction Scholar (Tier 2): Entry point to learn and contribute. 

Viction Contributor (Tier 3): Active member with the potential to become a leader.

Viction Vanguard (Tier 4) - The Face of Viction:

  • Officially represent Viction and guide new members.
  • Gain early access to new features and exclusive rewards.
  • Become a Vanguartist (special role) - the creative force behind Viction's art.

Viction Nurturer (Tier 5):Chosen from among top Ambassadors, they play a vital role in management, ensuring that all Ambassadors excel in their tasks and contribute effectively to the community.

Viction Builder (Tier 6): Make significant contributions to Viction's development (potential job opportunity).

Join the official Viction Discord server to automatically join our community ranking and receive the Viction Folk role! Together, let's build a thriving Viction ecosystem!

A Ladder of Growth

By introducing the new community structure, we are fulfilling our promise to build an interconnected community with mutual value for everyone to showcase your talents and strengths to contribute to Viction's growth and provide you with a dynamic growth ladder to unlock new potential.

Our ladder system paves the way for personal growth and a thriving community: 

  • Personalized Support System: The Viction team is dedicated to providing personalized support, acting as you identify how your unique skills can contribute to a fulfilling and impactful journey within the community. 
  • Global Networking Powerhouse: Expand your professional network and connect with passionate individuals across the ever-expanding Viction ecosystem, fueled by the groundbreaking Viction Worldwide Chain.
  • Early Innovation Explorer: Joining the Viction community, you'll gain early access to new features and functionalities, providing valuable feedback that helps refine and perfect Viction's offerings. This perspective allows you to not only be an early adopter but also a co-creator, shaping the future of Web3 alongside some of the industry's brightest minds.
  • Ecosystem-Wide Recognition: Your dedication and expertise will be acknowledged not only by the Viction team but also by the Viction community, solidifying your position as a trusted voice and a role model for aspiring community members. This recognition extends beyond the Viction ecosystem, potentially opening doors to exciting collaborations and opportunities within the broader Web3 landscape.
  • Scalable Earning Potential: The ranking system provides a clear path to unlock various earning opportunities, allowing you to be directly rewarded for your contributions to the community's growth. 

Embrace Your Role in the Viction Community

The Viction Community is structured with six tiers together with 1 special role, each offering exciting benefits and opportunities for growth. Let's explore them:

Tier 1. Viction Folk

A verified member of Viction Discord, shaping the vibrant atmosphere and fostering meaningful interactions within our growing community.

Benefits & Perks

- Monthly Community Calls/ Office Hour with the Viction Team 

- Earning opportunities in the Viction Ecosystem

- Dedicated Technical Support from Viction CS


Join Viction Discord and get Viction Folk role

Tier 2. Viction Scholar

The entry-level to become a Viction Builder. It's open to everyone in the community, offering an inclusive opportunity for all to contribute and grow within the Viction ecosystem.

Benefits & Perks

- Join the wonderful, vibrant, and cheerful Viction community where members actively support each other

- Join the Viction Learn & Earn Program and have a chance to grab top leaderboard prizes

- Get support from Viction Vanguard

- New role with access to extra channels on Discord

- Training and education provided


- Reach level 2 on Viction Discord

- Follow Viction and Viction Ecosystem on X 

- Join Viction Learn & Earn and finish Education category

- Claim the role of Scholar on Discord

Tier 3. Viction Contributor

Outstanding, active members in activities organized by Viction, showcasing the potential to evolve into Viction Vanguard members.

Benefits & Perks

- Earn a higher chance to become a Viction Vanguard

- Viction swags

- Get Monthly VIC rewards

- Connect with the Viction core team in Private groups

- Unlock specialized training to become a Viction Vanguard Ambassador

- Earn surprise rewards with Viction Challenges

- Access to a pool of paid bounties from Viction and our ecosystem projects


- Reach level 5 on Viction Discord

- Create useful content about Viction (i.e. Twitter threads, articles, tutorials, videos, translations, memes, etc.) to share your knowledge and educate/inspire others

- Have experience in hosting at least one community-enriching activity (i.e. sharing content, onboarding new members, or facilitating discussions, etc.) Please present proof of work if any.

- Add the ✌️✌️ emoji next to your names on both Viction Discord and X

Tier 4. Viction Vanguard

Known as Viction Ambassadors, the face of our community, representing Viction and guiding our members. 

Benefits & Perks

- Have all the benefits of a Viction Contributor

- Professionally recognized as an official Viction Ambassador

- Receive a higher tier of Monthly VIC reward

- Connect with Viction Builders in Private groups 

- Unlock specialized training to become a Viction nurturer

- Gain early Viction Alpha Access

- Get Whitelist/ Airdrop opportunities from Viction ecosystem projects, and grant opportunities from the Foundation.

- Receive dedicated resources and guidance to elevate your profile presence and hosting capabilities (community events, both online and offline) within the Viction community

- Being added to a featured list on Twitter that can boost your visibility, enhancing your likelihood of being retweeted by Viction's main account.


- Add the ✌️✌️ emoji next to your names on both Viction Discord and X

- Reach level 10 on Viction Discord

- Maintain Contributor status for a minimum of 2 consecutive months 

- Achieve an impressive average of 1,000 impressions per post

- Have experience in hosting at least 4 community-enriching activities (i.e. sharing content, onboarding new members, or facilitating discussions, etc.). Please present proof of work if any.

- Engage with the community daily through content sharing, member support, and knowledge-building.

- Help Viction forge meaningful partnerships and integrations with academic institutions

- Introduce new projects looking to onboard with the Viction ecosystem, expanding our reach and impact

- Manage and maintain dedicated Viction channels (i.e. local telegram groups, X accounts, etc.)

Apply now:

Tier 5. Viction Nurturer

Chosen from among top Ambassadors, they play a vital role in management, ensuring that all Ambassadors excel in their tasks and contribute effectively to the community.

Benefits & Perks

- Have All the benefits of a Viction Vanguard

- Viction special swag

- NFT/ Certificate of Viction Nurturer

- Receive a higher tier of Monthly Reward

- Represent the Viction community at Web3 events

- Priority consideration for full-time positions.


- Reach level 15 on Discord

- Become the leader of The Creators or The Connectors

- Lead community discussions: offer assistance, guidance leadership, and motivation

- Take major initiative in leading and connecting existing Vanguards ambassadors

- You can only achieve the Nurturer status through a public voting process conducted by the Contributor, Vanguard group, and the Viction core team (TBD).

Tier 6. Viction Builder

Contribute significantly to the development of Viction. 

Benefits & Perks

Receive a letter of recommendation for a Full-time job at Viction Foundation


- Serve as a dedicated Viction Vanguard for a minimum of 1 year

- Consistently showcase your outstanding performance to drive Viction's growth and development

- Launch high-impact Viction programs and ensure tangible results

- Provide invaluable support, mentorship, and strategic direction to our growing network of Viction Ambassadors, empowering them to thrive

- Foster collaborations, facilitate funding opportunities, and accelerate the progress of Viction's initiatives

Special role: Vanguartist

Recognized as a dynamic and creative Artist, Meme Master, and Art Lover  - the bridge between Viction and the vibrant art community, who can craft visually stunning and unique images for the Viction community and contribute to advancing the NFT art space and high-quality NFT art projects on Viction.

Benefits & Perks

- Receive Monthly VIC reward based on the artwork 

- Connect with Viction core team members, other artists, and ecosystem projects.

- Be supported to build your profile in the Viction Community and Web3 industry.

- Unlock specialized training about how to grow the creator economy in Web3

- Participate in online AMAs, and exclusive events with artists, curators, and the team.

- Gain early early access to whitelists for upcoming NFT collections

- Access to a pool of paid art contests/jobs from Viction and our ecosystem projects

- Get Whitelist/ Airdrop opportunities from Viction ecosystem projects

- Viction merchandises


- Have a creative and funny mindset

- Generate at least 2 pieces of art social content for Viction every month.

- Be passionate about fostering innovation in the arts through new technologies.

- We welcome all art styles, but having an exciting or unique style is a definite plus!

- Ideate and create original, engaging meme content that resonates with the blockchain community.

For all information about Viction Vanguartist and how to join the team, it is available here:

It's Your Path to Impact

The Viction community is open to passionate individuals. Here's how you can join:

  • Start by becoming a Viction Folk. Join our Discord server and get verified!
  • Contribute actively and level up your rank. Participate in discussions, create content, and help onboard new members.
  • Meet the requirements for your desired tier. Each tier has specific requirements, so aim high!
  • Apply for your dream role! Once qualified, apply for your desired role within the program.

The Viction community thrives on collaboration and shared passion. As a Viction community member, you'll play a vital role in driving our growth and shaping a brighter future for Web3. Are you ready to unleash your Viction? Join us today!


We acknowledge that some individuals may possess prior experience in related fields like blockchain technology or community management. In these cases, we may be able to adjust the onboarding process to accommodate your existing knowledge and expedite your integration into the Viction community. 

If you have any questions or feel certain aspects of the process can be tailored to your background, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Viction team. We're dedicated to ensuring your experience is not only informative but also efficient and rewarding. The final decision will be made by the Viction team.