Why Viction Matters: A closer look at our potentials

Why Viction Matters: A closer look at our potentials

Is Viction the platform that can unlock your full potential? We offer a unique blend of vision, clearly defined goals, advanced technology, and an exciting project nurturing plan that sets us apart. Whether you are in the process of building out your protocol, testing it, launching it on a smart contract-enabled blockchain, or considering migrating to a new Layer 1, this article can provide the answers you need, to decide if Viction is the right choice for you.

To begin with, it is essential to gather some basic information about Viction. Formerly known as TomoChain, Viction is a people-centric layer-1 blockchain that provides zero-gas transactions and heightened security, making Web3 accessible and safe for everyone. With a design emphasis on user experience, Viction prioritizes zero-gas transactions through the innovative TRC25 token standard, alongside speed, security, and scalability, all contributing to a more secure and open world.

Why Web3 builders should choose Viction

Now, let's examine the key attributes that builders should consider when developing on the Viction platform.

A Standardized Blockchain fulfilling every builder's needs.

Viction provides a standardized blockchain that addresses the fundamental requirements of every builder, ensuring speed, security, and decentralization. The blockchain serves as the cornerstone, meeting the essential needs of developers in the ever-evolving blockchain space.

EVM-compatible Technology

Viction leverages EVM-related technology, aligning with the widely adopted Solidity language. This eliminates the need for developers to learn new programming languages, allowing them to seamlessly apply their existing knowledge and skills to the platform.

VRC25 for Mass Adoption

VRC25, a standardized token on the Viction blockchain, is a game-changer when it comes to mass adoption. By implementing this technology, Viction allows users to experience zero gas fees during onboarding. This solves a critical challenge faced by Web2 users transitioning to Web3, as it eliminates the burden of gas fees and the necessity for native tokens when interacting with the blockchain. This user-friendly approach encourages more users to adopt and utilize the Viction platform.

Dedicated Support from the Foundation for Builder Success

Furthermore, Viction is committed to nurturing builders through an extensive development roadmap. This includes providing guidance on ideation, assistance with fundraising, and supporting growth initiatives. Our commitment extends to reaching billions of users, backed by the Ninety Eight product, network, and financial infrastructure spanning across Asia and beyond.

Viction’s near-future plan

With our near-future plan to support builders spanning across Asia and beyond, Viction is positioning ourselves as the go-to platform for Web3 enthusiasts and innovators. We have especially planned various initiatives to nurture and support projects using the available resources. 

One of the primary initiatives is the Accelerator Program that provides builders with the necessary funds, network, and financial infrastructure to kickstart their projects. With a dedicated team of experts, Viction is committed to providing guidance during the ideation phase, assisting with fundraising efforts, and supporting growth initiatives.

To further support builders, Viction organizes workshops in countries across Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more. These workshops are designed to mentor builders, provide valuable insights, and assist them in navigating the intricacies of the Web3 landscape. By bringing together industry experts and aspiring builders, Viction fosters an environment of learning and collaboration.

Furthermore, Viction actively seeks out talented individuals through various programs aimed at nurturing projects and identifying promising talent. By attracting and cultivating the best minds in the industry, Viction ensures a continuous flow of innovative projects and ideas. 

One of the most exciting opportunities for Web3 builders is the Viction Horizon. This Startup Hackathon is designed for developers, creators, innovators, and visionaries from around the globe. Participating in the Viction Horizon offers several compelling reasons, such as the chance to win attractive prizes from a substantial prize pool exceeding 300k+. Moreover, the hackathon provides exciting opportunities beyond just prizes, including travel experiences, expanded professional networks, invaluable business insights, and potential incubation opportunities. 

Viction serves as an ideal platform, offering extensive assistance and resources to Web3 builders. Our firm conviction lies in the limitless potential that exists, and through our collaboration, we can collectively broaden our horizons. Stay connected and embark on this transformative journey with Viction.

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