Viction Transition Process: Important Changes and Updates

Viction Transition Process: Important Changes and Updates

Following our rebranding effort that took place on November 1st, 2023, Viction has been diligently working on completing our transition process. This overall transformation is expected to take approximately 3-6 months. During this time, we will regularly update to keep you informed about our progress, the changes that have been made, and what you can look forward to.

Latest update: December 13, 2023.

1. Brand Identity

In the initial phase, our focus has been on perfecting our new look and feel, including a fresh visual identity and the way of communication. We aim to be more innovative, encouraging, responsible, collaborative, and empowering, all in line with our mission of building an open and secure world where humanity flourishes.

For comprehend our visual identity and access to our assets, please visit:

2. Our official channels

Our communication channels have been updated, allowing you to connect with us through various channels, from our main broadcast channels to engaging with us via community channels.

* For the main source of information, please visit:
Official Twitter:

* For community activities and frequent campaigns:
Twitter Viction Ecosystem:

* For community support:
Telegram Group Chat:
Facebook Viction Global:
Facebook Viction Vietnam:

* If you require assistance, please get in touch with us via our official support email:

3. Ticker & Token Standard

As part of the transition, the token ticker is changing from TOMO to VIC. This change is purely symbolic and reflects our renewed brand identity. It does not involve any technical adjustments to our smart contract, tokenomics, or token supply. We have already informed all our partners, including exchanges, data platforms, and ecosystem partners, who will update the ticker name accordingly. 

Please note that only the ticker for our native token will be completely changed to VIC, while TOMOE on Ethereum or token on other non-native chains will remain unchanged. This decision is part of our ongoing efforts to grow adoption for our native token on the Viction Network. 

For transfers between your wallet and exchanges, TOMOE will still be displayed in wallets, while exchanges will reflect the native ticker VIC.

We understand that this difference in display name may cause some confusion, and we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.

Rest assured, we are committed to providing clear instructions and comprehensive support to assist you during this transition. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team at

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to enhance the Viction Network experience.

Of particular note is that Binance has completed the TomoChain (TOMO) rebranding to Viction (VIC) from November 24th, 2023.  Deposits for VIC on the Ethereum, BNB Beacon Chain and Viction networks are now open, while withdrawals for VIC are supported on the Ethereum and Viction networks.

Read more: Binance Announcement

Other exchanges that have announced their support for us in migrating from TOMO to VIC include: BTSE,, Bitget, MEXC, BingX, and more to come.

In synchronization with our new identity, the token standards will transition from TRC20 to VRC20, TRC-21 to VRC21, TRC25 to VRC25, and TRC721 to VRC721. Additionally, we have an upcoming initiative to introduce the VRC725 token standard. 

To further enhance the utility of the VRC25 token standard, we have dedicated our efforts towards its adoption. In the near future, VIC native VRC25 will receive support on CEXs, DEXs, and DeFi platforms. 

4. Viction Wallet

We have developed a native wallet exclusively for the Viction ecosystem. The mobile version of Tomo Wallet has been fully replaced by the Viction Wallet, and the extension version of Tomo Wallet will be completely phased out by the end of December. Throughout the sunset process of the old Tomo Wallet, the Viction Wallet has been fully operational, providing users with a seamless and secure experience within the Viction Ecosystem.

Discover the Viction Wallet release in our Announcement!

5. Technical platforms

Over the next few months, we are currently in the process of revising our technical platforms to make it easier for developers and builders to comprehend Viction's technical requirements. The access link to the updated platforms will be made available in the upcoming days. 

* GitHub serves as a centralized hub where developers can access code and project files to contribute and build upon the Viction platform.
Click here to explore:

* The Network Explorer, previously known as Tomo Scan, will be rebranded as VIC Scan. This platform offers comprehensive information such as blocks, transactions, finality, smart contracts, DApps, and token details. Additionally, it provides technical visualizations and useful statistics about Viction's performance, token holders, and other functionalities. Please note that the former TomoScan website,, will no longer be accessible after December 31st. We recommend updating your bookmarks and workflows to accommodate this change, ensuring seamless access to your data and the continuous management of your activities.
Explore VIC Scan here:

* The Masternode, formerly known as Tomo Master, will be rebranded as VIC Master. VIC Master provides a professional UI  that allows coin-holders to stake for masternodes, participate in decentralized governance, and explore masternode performance. 
The rebranded website will be updated soon.  Until the change occurs, please use the current one: https://

* The Network Status, previously known as Tomo Stats, will be rebranded as VIC Stats. VIC Stats is a system that checks the current and historical operational status of all Viction infrastructure.
The rebranded website will be updated soon. Until the change occurs, please use the current one:

About Viction

Viction is a people-centric layer-1 blockchain that provides zero-gas transactions and heightened security, making Web3 accessible and safe for everyone. 

Along with security features and zero-gas transactions, the fast transaction speed and scalability make Viction a suitable platform for developing products aimed at building a more open and secure world.