Viction “Scale in May” Community Call Recap: A Month of Innovation, Growth, and Community Engagement

Viction “Scale in May” Community Call Recap: A Month of Innovation, Growth, and Community Engagement

The Viction team hosted a productive Community Call on May 30th, 2024, outlining a roadmap brimming with innovation and strategic collaborations. This blog post summarizes the key takeaways for our valued community members.

Key Takeaways

May: A Month of Innovation and Growth

  • Welcomed industry leaders like Solide, World of Dypians, Revoke.Cash, and Omni NFT to Viction.
  • Expanded Viction NFT scene with new collections like Contrarian, Holycat Collection, and IVY NFT.
  • Successful collaboration with Midle involving over 2,500 participants.

Technical Advancements: Empowering Web3 Builders

  • Introduced Viction Data Availability (Viction DA) for enhanced scalability and flexibility.
  • Partnerships with Polygon CDK and Lumoz streamline development and simplify application chain creation.
  • Foundry and Viction VRRF tools offer fast deployment, robust testing, and verifiable random results.

Community Focus: Building a Stronger Viction Together

  • Migrated to Discord with a new six-tier community structure to recognize and reward contributions.
  • Onboarded over 100 contributors and ambassadors, fostering global connectivity through events like Pizza Parties.

May: A Month of Innovation and Growth

May witnessed a significant influx of innovative projects joining the Viction ecosystem. We welcomed industry leaders like Solide (smart contract development suite), World of Dypians (groundbreaking MMORPG), Revoke.Cash (secure token approval management), OmniHub (multichain NFT Launchpad), VIX Trade (decentralized swap and derivatives exchange). VIC/USDT trading pair has become available on DWF Labs, allowing users to have more options for selling, buying, and trading VIC.

Additionally, the Viction NFT scene flourished with the introduction of the intriguing Contrarian, the captivating Holycat Collection from Eternal Worlds, and the undeniably stylish IVY NFT from Ostro Studio & Upside.

The momentum continues – stay tuned for the onboarding of even more groundbreaking projects to the Viction family. We actively seek passionate builders brimming with innovative ideas. Don't hesitate to reach out and contribute to the future of Web3 within the Viction ecosystem.

Fostering relationship within Viction Ecosystem

May wasn't solely focused on project onboarding; it was a month dedicated to fostering a robust Viction ecosystem. Our collaboration with Midle resulted in a hugely successful campaign, exceeding expectations with over 2,500 participants. Such partnerships are instrumental in building a vibrant community, and we have many more exciting collaborations on the horizon. Stay informed – the future of Viction is undeniably collaborative!

Technical Advancements: Empowering Web3 Builders and Users

Viction has been diligently working on the technological front, introducing advancements designed to supercharge your Web3 experience:

  • Viction Data Availability (Viction DA): This module, operating within the application layer and powered by the GlitchD product suite, draws inspiration from the groundbreaking frameworks of the DA network, unlocking a new level of scalability, flexibility, and interoperability for Web3 builders.
  • Viction collaborated with Lumoz, using Polygon CDK: This powerful collaboration streamlines the development process for builders. Viction's platform and vision, combined with Polygon CDK's robust framework and Lumoz's simplified application chain creation technology, empower builders to effortlessly construct their own chains and deploy them with a single click.
  • Foundry & Viction VRRF: We've introduced Foundry, offering lightning-fast deployment and robust testing tools. Additionally, the Viction VRRF injects a dose of fun and unpredictability into your blockchain games with verifiable random results.
  • $TOMO to $VIC Conversion Complete: Important news for TOMO holders! Binance has successfully completed the conversion of $TOMO on BNB Beacon Chain to $VIC on the Viction Network.

Community Focus: Building a Stronger Viction Together

In this section, we announced our official migration to Discord, fostering a more vibrant and interconnected community. To recognize and reward valuable contributions, we've implemented a revamped community structure with six tiers, encompassing all levels of participation, from enthusiastic newcomers to visionary builders.

The commitment doesn't stop there! We unveiled our new Community Structure on Discord. This six-tier system recognizes and engages our members in unique ways, catering to diverse interests and skill sets. Whether you're a Viction Scholar seeking knowledge or a Viction Builder shaping the future, there's a place for you to thrive within our ecosystem.

A special shoutout to our incredible Vanguartists who illuminate the Viction world with their creativity! We've also successfully onboarded over 100 enthusiastic contributors and ambassadors to spread the Viction vision globally.

May wasn't just about online connections. We brought the Viction spirit to life with Pizza Parties in various cities worldwide, fostering a sense of global community. Additionally, our dedicated Vanguards hosted a X Space recap call, showcasing their unwavering commitment.

Polygon CDK & Lumoz: Supercharging Your Building Journey

Our collaboration with Polygon Labs and Lumoz marks a significant leap forward for Viction builders. Here's how it empowers you:

  • Synergy for Success: This collaboration combines Viction's platform and vision, Polygon CDK's powerful framework, and Lumoz's simplified application chain creation technology, creating the ultimate recipe for successful blockchain development.
  • Breaking Down Barriers: This partnership removes the hurdles that previously hindered your progress. Now you have the tools and resources to bring your innovative projects to life with ease.
  • Simplified Process: Building on Viction is a breeze. Leverage Polygon CDK to create your application chains directly on our network, and Lumoz's ZK-RaaS platform takes care of the complex coding for you.

The Future is Built Together

The Vision community thrives on passionate contributions across all disciplines. We invite you to join the conversation on Discord and X, and stay tuned for the latest announcements. Together, let's shape a visionary future.

For those who want to have access to the recording, it is available here: