Viction February’s Highlights

Viction February’s Highlights

Looking back at February 2024, it was a month filled with exciting activities and new connections that brought us closer to our goal of mass adoption. We made notable integrations, opening up possibilities for institutional investors and enhancing user engagement. The Hackathon opened up new horizons, allowing us to connect closely with winning teams, sponsors, judges and community partners. Additionally, multiple campaigns provided exclusive rewards and attractive yields.

Key takeaways:

  1. First Digital and Micro3 have lived on Viction.
  2. The Victory Expedition (a networking activity of Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon sponsored by Arche Fund) took place over 2 days on February 28th and 29th, gathering winning teams, judges, sponsors, and community partners.
  3. Earning Opportunity: Viction enthusiasts could earn attractive yields through farming on Mori Protocol and staking $SAROS on Baryon.
  4. Viction partnered with D3 to offer early sign-up for *VIC Name Tokens.
  5. Viction ran various rewarding campaigns, including Viction Swag-tastic, Season of Joy, Fresh Start, Smart Journey, Multichain of Luck Season 2, Viction x Bybit Carnival, Humanode x Viction - Biomapper Saga, and TMR Games beta test.

New integrations of the month

Viction recently partnered with First Digital, a qualified custodian and registered trust company, and Micro3, a SocialFi Mint-to-earn platform powered by NFT adoption. These integrations not only empower institutional investors but also create possibilities for users, developers, and entrepreneurs to connect with diverse and engaged communities on social platforms.

Victory Expedition

The Victory Expedition was a two-day experience filled with meaningful connections, enthusiastic energy, and captivating stories from both emerging talents and seasoned experts. 

We had the privilege of meeting extraordinary winning teams dedicated to bringing innovative ideas to Web3. Special recognition goes to Buzzkill, Hakifi, Givefund, Apestate, Townstory, Atbash, Doldrum, Joy Gotchi, and Vicbot.

In addition to the presence of the winners, we were honored to have Mr. David Zhang (CTO at Stably), Mr. Marcus, Mr. Lak (Builders at Ninety Eight), and Ms. Jade Vo, Principal at Arche Fund, sharing at the Panel Discussion about "Building Success Stories in the Viction Ecosystem." 

The afternoon brought even more excitement as the winning teams participated in a Pitching Session, showcasing their projects and exploring potential incubation opportunities with Arche Fund. 

The two-day journey concluded with a heartwarming Viction Builders Night, forging new connections and celebrating together.

Earning Opportunity 

Viction enthusiasts had the chance to earn attractive yields by participating in USDT-USDC farming on Mori Protocol. You can now bridge your assets to Viction via Arken Finance and start LPing on Mori to earn lucrative rewards with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) reaching as high as 383%. The LP on Mori Protocol will continue until March 15th. 

Additionally, over $1M worth of $SAROS has been staked on Baryon, offering APRs of up to 146%.

Early sign-up for VIC Name 

Viction has partnered with D3, a next-generation domain name company building interoperable digital identities, and helping us bring real .VIC domains to the Viction ecosystem. We are working exclusively together to apply for and obtain the real .VIC top-level domain (TLD) and launch them in the Viction ecosystem, taking a significant step towards mainstream Web3 adoption. Be among the first to access your own *VIC Name Token by signing up early at

Multiple campaigns with exclusive rewards and earning opportunities

Viction enthusiasts had various chances to earn rewards and explore exciting campaigns during February. Let's highlight some notable events:

  • Viction Swag-tastic: The campaign has concluded, with 10 winners revealed. The Viction's swag gifts will be delivered soon.
  • Season of Joy: The $4,000 reward in VIC tokens was distributed as part of the collaboration between Dagora, Viction, and Task On.
  • Fresh Start, Smart Journey: A campaign by OneID & Viction on Task On rewarded participants with 32.79 $VIC each.
  • Multichain of Luck hosted by Coin98 Wallet: Season 1 of Multichain of Luck has concluded, but now Season 2 is open with a shared pool of $8,000 in rewards. The event ran from March 1 to March 29, 2024 (GMT+7).
  • Viction x Bybit Carnival: The Viction and Bybit Carnival offered participants the opportunity to earn their share of grand rewards. With 31,750 VIC tokens up for grabs, participants eagerly participated in this event, which concluded on February 28th.
  • Humanode x Viction - Biomapper Saga: To celebrate the Biomapper Saga campaign, Viction collaborated with Humanode, the first crypto biometric network that brings Sybil resistance. This collaboration presented participants with the chance to win fantastic rewards of 100,000 HMND & OATs. The campaign is ongoing, and participants can get started by visiting the campaign page at 
  • TMR Games beta test: Gaming enthusiasts had an exciting opportunity to participate in the TMR Games beta test. By joining this test, participants stood a chance to win a share of $500 in VIC tokens, making it an epic gaming adventure.

February was a month of significant strides and positive momentum for Viction. Our focus on integrations, user engagement, and rewarding campaigns has brought us closer to our goal of mass adoption. We are grateful for the support of our community and look forward to the continued growth ahead.