TomoChain Bridge Now Integrated With SpaceGate. Unlock Seamless Asset Transfers

TomoChain Bridge Now Integrated With SpaceGate. Unlock Seamless Asset Transfers

TomoChain is excited to announce the integration of the TomoChain Bridge on SpaceGate, offering seamless asset transfers from Ethereum to TomoChain. This significant milestone broadens DeFi opportunities for every TomoChain user.

Introducing SpaceGate cross-chain bridge

SpaceGate is a cross-chain bridge designed to enable asset transfers across multiple networks. At present, SpaceGate facilitates swaps and transfers across multiple networks, such as:

  • Ethereum <> Solana
  • Ethereum <> BNB Smart Chain
  • Ethereum <> Polygon

Please follow SpaceGate's usage instructions available here.

New Bridge to TomoChain

SpaceGate now supports TOMO, the native token of TomoChain, transferring from Ethereum to TomoChain. This development allows users to convert TOMO native assets effortlessly, unlocking new avenues for growth within the TomoChain ecosystem!

You can seamlessly convert TOMO from the Ethereum network into TomoChain on both Mobile and Desktop platforms:

  • Mobile:
  • Desktop (connected via Coin98 Extension):

Moving Forward

While we recognize that our previous cross-chain solutions may not have fully realized our community's expectations, we are committed to transforming challenges into opportunities for improvement.

Knowing that bridges play an integral role in maintaining a robust blockchain ecosystem, our overarching objective is to illuminate and streamline the facilitation of information, transactions, and asset exchanges.

In the foreseeable future, we aspire to adopt more innovative bridge solutions, enhancing interoperability while seamlessly integrating users into the TomoChain ecosystem.

Keep an eye on this space for upcoming announcements!