TOMO Is Now Available For Exchange On Aliniex

TOMO Is Now Available For Exchange On Aliniex

TOMO is now available for trading on Aliniex with the TOMO/VND trading pair.

You can start depositing and trading $TOMO now on Aliniex.

On the occasion of the $TOMO listing, we are hosting our first-ever trading week with Aliniex.

Details of the event

💰 Total rewards: $2,000 in $TOMO

📌 Duration: July 1 -  July 14 (GMT+8)

How to join

1/ Trading event

Follow these two steps to be eligible for rewards:

1. Register an account on Aliniex to join the event during the event period.

2. Trade an amount of above 100$ TOMO/VND trading pair during the event period.

The higher your trading volume, the greater your share of the reward pool will be!

🎁 Total reward: $1,000 TOMO. The reward pool comprises the following four tiers of prizes based on trading volume ranking:

- 1st: 250$ TOMO

- 2nd: 150$ TOMO

- 3rd: 100$ TOMO

- 4th-53rd: 10$ TOMO each

2/ Social event

🎁 Total reward: $1,000 TOMO. This will be distributed to 100 lucky users worth $10 TOMO each.

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