The World Wide Call Recap: The Journey Ahead of Viction in Building an Interconnected World

The World Wide Call Recap: The Journey Ahead of Viction in Building an Interconnected World

We recently hosted a highly anticipated Community Call session: The World Wide Call. The session focused on outlining Viction's strategic plan, with a particular emphasis on the launch of Viction World Wide Chain, a flashback to our ecosystem growth in April, and our interest in the future of the gaming industry. This recap delves into the key takeaways for those interested in the trajectory of Viction's pioneering role in growing our ecosystem.

Key Takeaways

1/ Ecosystem Growth: Viction saw significant growth in April with new projects joining, user engagement campaigns, improving technical updates and a thriving ambassador program.

2/ Viction World Wide Chain: Viction tackles blockchain limitations with a network of interconnected Appchains. This allows for fluid asset and data transfer within these chains, and establishes a foundation for extensive scalability and a myriad of decentralized applications.

3/ Focus on Awareness & Global Expansion: Viction prioritizes building a strong global community. We are stepping up communication, forging partnerships, and actively seeking new developers, with a particular focus on the booming Asian market.

4/ Viction is diving into Web3 gaming: believing the Web3 gaming sector is promising and Viction will revolutionize how players experience games. We welcome both veterans and Web3 studios to create unique gaming environments with features like true in-game asset ownership and fresh monetization models.

A Flashback to Our Growth in April 2024 

This April has been nothing short of remarkable for Viction. We've witnessed a surge in project integrations, exciting user engagement campaigns, and a growing global presence. Let's delve deeper into these key areas and explore what the future holds for Viction.

Ecosystem Growth

  • 7 new projects built on Viction in April, including Cyborg (game launcher), SendTokens (wallet), Hyperlane (interoperability), Krystal (liquidity management), Loya3 (loyalty programs), Midle (questing), and Eternals.

User Engagement

  • Viction co-hosted 5 campaigns with partners in April: Micro3 Cyberpunk, Micro3 Exploration Quest, Plena, Buzzkill, and Holdstation.
  • Projects on Viction offered airdrops to reward users, including ZenCard (Zen Master NFT), Starship (Amphora: Viction Edition NFT), Krystal & Hairy (for OneID & Starship holders).
  • Upcoming NFT launches: NFT Contrarians PFP and Eternals PFP.

Viction Vanguard

  • Batch 6 of the Viction Vanguard ambassador program closed applications, receiving over 1,000 applicants.
  • Vanguards hosted 2 community calls with over 200 attendees and organized an offline meetup in Bangkok.

Technical Updates

  • Vicscan, the Viction blockchain explorer, received infrastructure improvements for stability and added more statistics.
  • Viction completed our halving event on April 24th.

Looking Ahead: Viction World Wide Chain and a Future of Community-Driven Innovation

The focus of this call is all about the Viction World Wide Chain introduced recently. And this is a chance for us to share about the “Scale Beyond Limits” future where we all reach the dream to build an interconnected Internet of Appchains.

Viction World Wide Chain - Scale beyond Limits 

At the opening session, Mr.Thanh shared the overview about Viction World Wide Chain. It is a network of Appchains that operate concurrently, anchored by a common settlement on Viction. These fractal-like chains are interconnected through Viction World Wide Chain Protocol (WWCP), allowing for fluid asset and data transfer within these chains, and establishing a foundation for extensive scalability and a myriad of decentralized applications.

Traditional blockchains often struggle with scalability, hindering the growth and potential of decentralized applications (dApps). Viction World Wide Chain shatters these limitations. Imagine a network of interconnected Appchains, each operating independently while inheriting the security and efficiency of the Viction network. This innovative architecture empowers dApps to scale effortlessly, accommodating a surge in users and activity without compromising performance.

Furthermore, dApps built on Viction leverage the robust infrastructure we've meticulously crafted. From secure transactions to seamless interoperability, Viction provides the essential building blocks for dApps to reach their infinite potential. It's a win-win scenario – developers can focus on crafting groundbreaking experiences, while users enjoy a smooth and scalable dApp experience. 

Empowering Builders by Eliminating Technical Barriers

Viction addresses the challenge of fragmented liquidity across disparate blockchains by fostering interoperability – the seamless interaction between Appchains. This empowers developers with several key advantages:

Simplified and Expedited Appchain Deployment: Viction streamlines the Appchain launch process. In the future, we aim to help developers to access one-click tools to build a chain and focus their efforts on creating exceptional user experiences. 

  • Enhanced Liquidity Potential: Viction's interoperable design fosters increased liquidity for Appchain tokens, benefiting both developers and users.
  • Customized Applications: Viction World Wide Chain enables builders to build their own purpose-specific Appchains, opening more opportunities for them to reach a more audience at scale

Streamlining User Experience with Purpose-built Appchains

Additionally, Viction users promise to gain access to a plethora of Appchains, each catering to specific communities and offering tailored functionalities. This translates to a wider range of options and potentially superior user experiences compared to traditional, siloed blockchain environments. Viction empowers users to actively participate in the growth of new and exciting Appchains, becoming integral parts of a thriving multi-chain universe.

Global Expansion and Community Focus: Building a Strong Foundation

At Viction, we believe a strong community is the lifeblood of a thriving ecosystem. That's why we actively foster collaboration on multiple levels. We're expanding communication efforts online and offline, forging strategic partnerships with industry leaders. Our partnerships go beyond launches; we actively collaborate with potential chains to ensure their long-term success. This collaborative spirit amplifies Viction's message, attracting a broader audience of talented builders and engaged users.

A key aspect of our collaborative approach is attracting a wide range of developers. We achieve this by increasing token adoption and liquidity, making Viction an undeniably attractive platform. Onboarding more communities and nurturing the growth of application builders is a major focus. To achieve this, we're expanding awareness globally, with a particular focus on the burgeoning Asian market

The Gaming Gateway: Unveiling a World of Opportunities

The gaming industry is on the cusp of a revolution, and Viction is at the forefront of this exciting transformation. We firmly believe that Web3 gaming holds immense potential to reshape the player experience, fostering deeper engagement, true ownership, and a more equitable ecosystem.

Viction welcomes both established gaming labs and Web3 native studios with open arms. Our platform provides the perfect launchpad for your creations. Studios can leverage the power of Viction's multi-chain architecture to build dedicated gaming "homelands" – bespoke environments tailored to their unique vision. These homelands can offer players a myriad of advantages, from true ownership of in-game assets to innovative monetization models.

The Invitation is Open

Viction is not a closed ecosystem; it's an open network of builders and users alike. Join us as we build a network of appchains where innovation thrives, communities flourish, and the possibilities are limitless. Together, let's unlock the true potential of blockchain technology and create a future where user experience reigns supreme.

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