Viction November 2023 Highlights

Viction November 2023 Highlights

November brought Viction a wave of transformative changes and exciting initiatives. It marked the beginning of a promising journey towards building an open and secure world where humanity can truly flourish, setting the stage for a remarkable future.

Key takeaways:
  1. Viction undergoes a complete rebranding 
  2. VIC listed on Multiple Exchanges
  3. Viction Wallet released
  4. Stake VIC on Baryon
  5. Viction launches Viction Horizon - Startup Hackathon with $300K prize pool
  6. Blockchain workshops and unitours in Asia
  7. Viction Edition campaign - an Lucky mint event for earning rewards
  8. New integrations

Viction undergoes a complete rebranding

Last month, Tomochain underwent a rebranding initiative, unveiling a new name as Viction, and a fresh visual identity that embodies innovation, encouragement, responsibility, collaboration, and empowerment. Communication channels were updated, allowing users to connect with Viction through our website, official Twitter account, Telegram group chat, YouTube channel, Discord server, and Facebook pages. Additionally, technical platforms such as GitHub, VIC Scan, VIC Master, and VIC Stats were revised to simplify development and facilitate decentralized governance within the Viction ecosystem.

VIC listed on Multiple Exchanges

The token ticker was changed from TOMO to VIC, symbolizing the rebranding. Of important note, Binance has successfully rebranded  TomoChain (TOMO) to Viction (VIC), with deposits and withdrawals now available on multiple networks. is among the exchanges supporting the migration from TOMO to VIC, along with other platforms such as BTSE, Bitget, MEXC, BingX, and more.

Viction Wallet released

The Viction Wallet was introduced as the native wallet to simplify digital asset management on the Viction ecosystem. With Viction Wallet, users can effortlessly send, receive, and store crypto assets and NFTs with zero gas fees, while enjoying seamless access to a wide range of decentralized applications (dApps). As part of our ongoing evolution, Viction Wallet will fully replace Tomo Wallet by the end of December. Excitingly, we also introduced a new staking feature, allowing users to stake their assets and earn rewards. Transition from Tomo Wallet to Viction Wallet by December for a secure and enhanced experience with staking capabilities and simplified asset management.

Stake VIC on Baryon

There is also an opportunity to stake your VIC tokens on Baryon and claim a portion of the 20,000 $VIC incentive pool. This limited-time offer will only be available for one month.

Viction launches Viction Horizon - Startup Hackathon with $300K prize pool

Viction has launched Viction Horizon - a Startup Hackathon that aims to unlock human potential and turn innovative ideas into successful startups within the Viction ecosystem. The Hackathon offers mentorship, workshops, and a chance to win a prize pool of $300K in various tracks such as Social, Gaming, Payment, Stablecoin, and DeFi. 

Blockchain workshops and unitours in Asia

Viction conducted multiple workshops and unitours across Asia, engaging students and developers in discussions on blockchain technology, development, and security. The workshops covered topics such as Web3 transformation, smart contract programming, gasless tokens, and stablecoins, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge to participants.

Viction Edition campaign - a Lucky mint event for earning rewards

Last month, the Viction Edition campaign created a buzz as participants engaged in quests and embraced the vibrant Viction ecosystem, earning rewards and unlocking access to the exclusive Lucky Mint event for a chance to mint NFTs. Thanks to the support of all participants and partners, the campaign has achieved success with more than 17,000 questers on QuestN, $6,000 prize distributed to 160+ winners, over 10,000+ NFTs minted and 200,000+ impressions on X.

New Integrations

In November, Viction established key partnerships with a diverse range of innovative companies including Dagora, Covalent, Space3, OneID, Velo Protocol, Baryon, Desig, NFTScan, AIT Protocol, Soully, Starship, Pyth, and Particle Network. These collaborations enable us to provide enhanced services and experiences for our users while driving the growth and evolution.

With a focus on transformation and empowering builders, Viction made significant strides in November, encompassing a rebranding effort, and the launch of initiatives that encouraged entrepreneurial growth within the Viction ecosystem. The future looks promising for Viction as we continue to drive the evolution of decentralized technologies and unlock human potential.