Introducing the Tomo Foundation

Introducing the Tomo Foundation

Tomo Foundation is a non-profit organization set out with the vision to nurture the growth and prosperity of the TomoChain ecosystem.

Back in the day

Originating in 2017, TomoChain's architects embarked on a mission to one of blockchain's greatest challenges at the time: scalability. As one of the first movers to build a blockchain, we had the opportunity to solve the problem and be a house of builders on TomoChain.

At the time, we were proud of our direction with the unique consensus mechanism “Proof of Stake Voting (PoSV)”, which promotes active engagement and decentralizes power within the network to value the importance of the community. This reflected TomoChain's commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the blockchain community and building a network that is not only scalable but also sustainable and community-driven.

However, along the way, the initial direction was somewhat missing the parts that contribute to unlocking the potential of building a thriving blockchain ecosystem. We realized that building a blockchain is not just to build the projects and the communities only, it is also about building the dynamic culture and maintain its soul within the builders. We need to gear up for the long run, as we plant the seeds for trees that might flourish beyond our lifetime.

This realization led to the Tomo Foundation, a non-profit organization that encourages steady growth, provides long-lasting support, and promotes active teamwork within the TomoChain community.

Introducing Tomo Foundation

The Tomo Foundation was founded on a firm belief that blockchain technology can build a world of trust and opportunities for everyone. The Tomo Foundation plays a role in contributing to the TomoChain and builders building on our blockchain to nurture the growth of the whole ecosystem. We wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility of fostering growth while allowing the ecosystem to flourish naturally.

At the heart of the foundation is a passionate team that embraces new ideas and is unafraid of change. Guided by creativity, support, and a commitment to making a long-term difference, the Tomo Foundation seeks to help the network grow organically.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy lies a vision of transcending boundaries and creating a world where trust is inherent, and possibilities are boundless. Our mission is not just about building a blockchain; it's about enabling humanity to flourish in an open and interconnected world. In order to reach that vision, we hold a strong belief in following these values:

Embracing the Long-Term View

We have a strong belief in the power of sustained growth. We recognize that building a resilient blockchain ecosystem requires patience, dedication, and the determination to surmount challenges. The Tomo Foundation focuses on the long-term game, making solutions that can stand the test of time and lead to the lasting success.

Boosting Through Empowerment

Central to our purpose is the empowerment of the TomoChain ecosystem. We understand that a vibrant community is built by nurturing long-term builders who channel their skills and passion into driving vitality. Through educational initiatives and valuable resources, we unlock the full potential of individuals and organizations within the TomoChain community. Collaborative partnerships with like-minded entities further reinforce our commitment to fostering a robust and thriving ecosystem.

Fueling Progress Through Collaboration

Working together and including everyone are the building blocks of real progress. At the Tomo Foundation, we create an environment that values differences and encourages everyone in the TomoChain network to take part. By welcoming different views and promoting open conversations, we create a place of innovation and belonging that drives growth for everyone.

Meet The Tomo Foundation Council

Our mission is all about making the most of new ideas and technology. To help us do this, we are happy to announce the Tomo Foundation Council, an assembly of esteemed individuals whose diverse expertise and perspectives propel our vision forward. Let's meet these visionary minds, each embodying the values of excellence, integrity, and dedication:

- Le Thanh: A visionary entrepreneur and advocate for financial inclusion through blockchain, Le Thanh inspires with his leadership, innovation, and creativity.

- Vinh The Nguyen: With a wealth of experience in software engineering and product management, Vinh The Nguyen offers invaluable technical guidance.

- Long Vuong: A seasoned entrepreneur and investor, Long Vuong brings expertise in business development, marketing, and strategic partnerships.

- Tung Hoang: Drawing from his experience as a startup founder and CEO, Tung Hoang contributes insights on entrepreneurship and leadership.

Their collective wisdom and experiences fortify the Tomo Foundation's journey towards a brighter future driven by innovation and technology.

The Future of TomoChain

While we are dedicated to supporting the expansion of the TomoChain ecosystem, we do not seek to control its development. Instead, we act as a guiding light, leading the path for TomoChain to flourish in its own natural potential. Our role is one of support and guidance, providing expertise and observations to help the ecosystem make informed decisions on its journey to success.

The Tomo Foundation makes an effort to advance TomoChain for the benefit of the community and developers. We are working on new exchange listings, pursuing new partnerships as well as non-custodial platform to attract more users to TomoChain. Meanwhile, developers on TomoChain are provided with the tools and educational experiences they need to build their dedicated projects. We also have an Accelerator Program that helps entrepreneurs and projects get off the ground, as well as an Ambassador Program that gets people involved in the community. These initiatives are a representation of our commitment to the community and to developers.

Beyond those initiatives, we have a diverse range of activities in the pipeline, all aimed at enhancing the adoption and utility of the TomoChain ecosystem. From hackathons, workshops, and webinars for developers to social events, contests, and campaigns for non-technical community members, we will strive to create a dynamic environment that accommodates various interests and skill sets.

The future of TomoChain is about more than just technology; it's about the people who are on this journey with us, who believe in the potential of this platform, and who are making a difference. Join us on this transformative journey as we build a vibrant and flourishing future for the TomoChain community and beyond. Together, we can make a lasting impact in the world where humanity flourishes.