AMA TomoChain Unveiled: Explore Growth Pathway

AMA TomoChain Unveiled: Explore Growth Pathway

In recent months, TomoChain has experienced significant changes that have sparked notable concerns within our community. It's crucial for us to maintain an open line of communication with our community, ensuring that everyone is aware of our progress, milestones, and the direction we're headed.

During the recent AMA, we had the opportunity to discuss our challenges and future plans. This session took place on TomoChain's Twitter Space and was attended by:

  • Le Thanh: Coin98 Founder & Council Member of Tomo Foundation
  • Lak: TomoChain Growth Specialist

We addressed the concerns of both our community and ourselves, highlighting the hurdles we're facing and our strategic steps forward. Now let's deep dive into it.

A Glimpse into Strategic Partnership between TomoChain and Coin98

Following the strategic partnership between TomoChain and Coin98, Coin98 Wallet is becoming the official wallet of TomoChain, promisingly onboarding the next millions of users to web3 through Coin98 and TomoChain. The synergy between Coin98 and the fast, cost-effective, and decentralized TomoChain creates a perfect balance of user-focus and technological strength.

As we look ahead, this partnership holds immense promise, serving as a catalyst for even greater accomplishments on the horizon. In unity, Coin98 and TomoChain are poised to achieve unprecedented triumphs, within the realm of DeFi and beyond.

Navigating TomoChain's Challenges

Through our ongoing endeavors, we've identified a lack of robust tools, including a commercial RPC, which is vital for a seamless experience. When developers lack stable and private tools, it can put a damper on their involvement and enthusiasm.

However, the most critical challenge we face is the limited support for the TOMO native on centralized exchanges. Therefore, our aspiration is to shift everything to TOMO native to revitalize the entire DeFi landscape within the TomoChain ecosystem.

Transforming Challenges into Triumphs

Amidst the myriad of obstacles, a clear direction emerges.

Our initial pursuit centers around expanding the reach of TOMO on exchanges and centralized platforms. This strategic move not only enhances liquidity but also ensures TOMO is ready and accessible to users worldwide. Simultaneously, we're setting our sights on welcoming more ecosystem projects, with the introduction of stablecoins and infrastructure partners to TomoChain.

But this journey isn't just about technology, it's also about the community that fuels its growth. In our quest to nurture innovation, we're rolling out an array of events designed to empower builders in their creative endeavors. Among these are hackathons designed to attract passionate builders and a meticulously designed accelerator program, serving as a nurturing ground for revolutionary projects. Our focus lies not in quantity but in quality. We're striving to onboard 10 to 20 exemplary projects, each acting as a bridge to connect millions of users to the TomoChain ecosystem.

To encapsulate, we're committed to refining our infrastructure, amplifying developer tools, and expanding the influence of TOMO. Once we've laid a firm foundation, we'll unveil initiatives that set us apart from other blockchain giants. It's a journey that requires relentless commitment as we pave the way for a more vibrant and robust TomoChain ecosystem.

TomoChain's Vision for What's Next

Our journey embraces a new charter that seeks to cultivate a vibrant DeFi ecosystem on TomoChain, where innovation knows no bounds.

However, our exploration doesn't halt there. Our gaze has shifted towards the realm of consumer apps, recognizing the profound impact they can have on the adoption and integration of blockchain technology. We believe that by seamlessly integrating blockchain technology into everyday applications, consumer apps can effortlessly introduce Web2 users to the exciting world of Web3, making the transition smoother and more accessible than ever before.

A Prologue to a New Era

Our vision is to position TomoChain as the chain for mass adoption. This embodies our dedication to making cryptocurrencies accessible to the masses. It's about simplifying the intricate world of blockchain and crypto, creating a realm that anyone can step into with confidence.

To realize this goal, we can't do it without the unwavering support of our community, who have stood with us from the early stages. We're committed to bringing more key players into the TomoChain ecosystem, creating a dynamic space that's brimming with opportunities. Together, let's venture into uncharted territories.