All about Zero Gas Fee on Viction

All about Zero Gas Fee on Viction

From our early days, we have been committed to surpassing the limitations that hinder scalability by offering exceptional technological solutions. We take pride in our technological platform and, based on that, strive to achieve the goal of making Web3 accessible for everyone. We prioritize the utility of projects without unnecessary hassles.

A key highlight of our platform is our unwavering focus on high performance, aiming to provide users with a ZERO GAS FEE experience. 

VRC25 token standard - reducing the gas fee burden for users

The greater the complexity of activities on the blockchain, the higher the gas fee involved. However, we aim to turn the vision of zero gas fee into reality by leveraging the VRC-25 token standard, which allows us to simplify and streamline the process.

Expanding upon the advancements of ERC-20 or ERC-721, which include various functionalities, VRC-25 simplifies the process. This makes transactions with the VRC-25 standard much cheaper, almost zero. In addition to VRC-25, there is also the VRC-725 standard with similar characteristics that apply to NFTs.

How is the Zero-gas fee realized within the Viction Ecosystem? 

While transactions on Viction already have near-zero gas fees, Viction projects can go even further and make zero gas fees a reality for users. By leveraging the VRC25Issuer contract, projects can pay the gas fee on behalf of their users. 

Furthermore, the VRC-25 token standard allows developers to incorporate additional features using their tokens to pay gas fee instead of using the Viction native token (VIC). This flexibility empowers developers to customize their projects and token economies while still benefiting from Zero Gas Fee.

Learn about the process of performing zero gas fee transactions by visiting:

The benefits of Zero Gas Fee for users

With Viction, everyone can easily engage in DeFi activities such as lending, farming, and staking, and participate in campaigns at minimal or no cost. The VRC-25 token standard plays a crucial role in this, empowering users, especially those familiar with Web2 operations, to overcome the barriers that hinder their engagement. 

By simplifying the relatively complex transactions in Web3, VRC-25 eliminates the challenges for newcomers. With Viction and VRC-25, users can seamlessly participate in DeFi activities without the hassle of complicated steps, providing an accessible and user-friendly experience.


In summary, the Zero Gas Fee solution on Viction enhances accessibility and adoption by simplifying the transaction process, reducing gas fees, and providing flexible token usage options for developers. With VRC-25 as the token standard, Viction offers a user-friendly experience while maintaining the benefits of blockchain technology.

About Viction

Viction is a people-centric layer-1 blockchain, offering zero-gas transactions and enhanced security to make Web3 easy and safe for everyone. Beyond technical advantages, we provide hands-on support and a strong network connection to help web3 builders navigate the complexities of building a thriving business.

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